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What is SPSFD and Why is it Important?

spsf1Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD) is a key metric that you need to track. It is a measure of how well you are utilising your selling space. Most brands and retailers do track this and it is possible to do this in most software either as a straightforward report or as a custom option.
This figure is also usually reported publicly if it is a listed retail company hence making comparison with leaders in the same category of goods possible.
Another alternative might be to track SPSFD where you are considering your warehouse / DC space as well. This will definitely be a custom report and it gives an overall space/ resource utilisation picture. But this picture is not usually reported for most listed companies and an average for your category might be difficult to find out.
In these days of high rentals it is a rough and ready metric to see if you are making a profit considering your rent/ sq ft / day + inventory cost / day.

Software Support for Retail – Even the Best can Fail Without it!

support1Software support for an organization implementing a new retail ERP system is always a major point of concern. Even with a mature, installed retail ERP, support is essential as time lost in chasing support issues is costly. The experience can be further ruined if there is downtime at the shop or warehouse. Retail depends on selling and moving things quickly and during a festive season the rush of deliveries can trip up even a strong software or process. At this time, support is critical.

Issues faced like barcode is not scanning, server crashed, problem in data syncing, billing stops, etc. This is where instant and smart software support comes into play.  

Each retail ERP vendor have its own support models for its retail software systems. Some have their in-house support team and some have it outsourced to third party affiliates. These affiliates are the first-line in support and represent the vendor. Benefit of an in-house teams lies in faster comprehension of the issues and in affiliate, business users have to communicate details, due to which knowledge gaps may persist. Hence, response time could be much faster for OEM supported products than reseller supported products.   

Thus, the companies depend not only on the software, but also on the experience of the team supporting those solutions.

Bonanza of Orders for Manufacturers at 63rd National Garment Fair

cmaiThe 63rd  National Garment Fair organized by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) from July 13th to 15th, 2016 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai ended up with an orders bonanza for Manufacturers of apparel industry.

The garment fair which is usually in exhibition mode was generating sales too for the exhibitors showing the sheer resilience of this industry in general. This edition could be qualified as India’s largest ever garment fair with 800 brands on display and 4000+ retailers visiting.

Team Ginesys felt welcomed at CMAI as we had a good footfall at our stall of garment manufacturers and retailers enquiring about our product suite including production and retail point of sales. A lot of the enquiries were for a full retail ERP. Here are a few pics from the apparel fair:

CMAI  Fair GinesysCMAI fair Ginesys



No Turning Back – The Ginesys Annual Meet 2k16

Ginesys Team

Team Ginesys came together as a unified unit on a 2 day power packed session filled with activities, team jamboree, some inspiring seminars and brainstorming sessions at the ever serene & tranquil Vedic Village resort, Kolkata.

The event saw Team Ginesys in all their vigour and exuberance. The annual event brings teams from different zones to come together with aim of better cohesion in planning and execution. Hopefully the decisions taken in this conclave will lead to a more productive partner in customers’ growth.

Ginesys Sets up base in the IT Capital Bengaluru



The IT Capital of Bengaluru being a magnet for fashion and lifestyle has attracted Ginesys’ attention too. We are setting up a business unit in HSR layout and we welcome you to drop in for quick chat over a cup of filter coffee or hot tea. It could be about fashion, grocery, retail software, POS, technology, mobile or anything else.

We hope to make Bengaulru as a base for expanding further in the south.