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Ginesys at India Fashion Forum 2014

BlogIMAGES Group once again proudly presented the 14th edition of India Fashion Forum. Held on 17th and 18th January, this mega forum saw world visionaries and think tanks share their vision at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

Besides National and Global fashion retail chains; India’s top regional retail chains and most successful franchisees actively participated in this forum.

The main highlight of our participation was Rohit Khetan (Marketing and Strategy Head) being a distinguished panelist on  “Expanding to The Next Frontier of Fashion Growth – Reaching the Tier II, III and IV Markets” along with:

·      Gopalakrishnan Sankar, CEO – Reliance Footprint and CEO – Reliance Living

·      Praveen Sinha, Co-Founder and MD,

·      Sandeep Mukim, CEO, Proline

GINESYS received a great applause from its clients and significant response from the keen visitors who are interested in building an organized retail business.

Next Gen Supply Chains are fast, efficient and tailored: PWC Study

Supply ChainEfficient and cost effective Supply chains are always a booming factor for the growth in retail industry. PWC Study on best practices by the leaders supports the same. It shows how Leaders are moving ahead of the pack; tailoring their supply chains to customer needs and investing in next-generation capabilities while keeping  the focus on supply chains that are both fast and efficient.

The report highlighted following points for Retail Industry

  1. Minimizing cost by inventory reduction and decrease in manufacturing and overhead costs.
  2. Maximum Delivery by collaboration with Key Customers, Suppliers and VMI
  3. Maximum flexibility  by end to end supply chain planning and regional supply chain setup

All the above points require a Retail ERP software  having good data capturing and a informative data analytics tool from manufacturing to Retail. Ginesys Retail ERP ,over the years , have supported their customers in all the above mentioned points.

You can read the full article at the link mentioned below

Source: PWC

Tech Innovation, key to brighter future in Retail: KPMG Survey

Technolgy Retail

Technological  Innovations has always been a boon to the businesses. Retail is not an exception, as supported by a recent survey on Retail Industry by KPMG.

The survey has highlighted two facts about Tech Innovations

1. Retailers have increased the usage of Social Media and Mobile Technology to reach more customers, enhance the customer experience, and explore new ways of doing business.

2. A majority of  the Retailers are using data and analytics to better understand consumers, as well as for branding, product management, and making better pricing decisions. So a good Retail ERP such as Ginesys is must to survive in this competitive environment to provide meaningful analysis of data.

You can read the full survey at the link mentioned below.

Source: KPMG


Gift Cards and Coupon Transactions at POS boost 50-80%: Says Article

Gift Card

ET has published an Article which highlights the changing trends in consumption of Coupons and Gift cards at the Retail Stores this festive season. A boost of 50-80% has been recorded at the retail stores which resembles the trend followed in West.

The article also stressed that  the trend was followed by both  corporate as well as domestic clients. The rise in demand for gift cards and vouchers reflect a change in the psyche of Indian consumers who are now willing to offer such vouchers instead of carrying physical gifts. The gift card culture also boost the sales of  Retailers thus resulting win- win situation for all.

You can read the full article at the link mentioned below.

Source: Economic Times

Vendor Managed Inventory is the key to Success: Retail Experts

VMI is the Key to Success

Prashant and Rohit were recently quoted in an Images business of fashion article.”Leading regional fashion retailers in India are taking the lead in setting up VMI infrastructure that is facilitating higher efficiencies across the supply chain.” – says Prashant. “One clear trend is of smaller and regional retailers – driven by competition from EBOs and other MBOs – now asking for VMI solutions,” said Rohit.

The article not only states that it a necessary factor to grow but is not possible without proper integration of Technology into the operations from POS to Inventory. The fact was supported by the comments from Retail experts from both operations and Technology front.

You can read the full article at the link mentioned below: