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Ginesys featured in Asia Retail Congress Awards.

CMO recognized Rohit Khetan, Head Marketing and Strategy at our company as one of the 100 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India at the Asia Retail Congress in Mumbai.

Asia retail Congress is Asia’s single most important global platform to promote world-class retail practices. The focus of the two day Asia Retail congress is to discuss and influence the issues for change. 10917270_10155209728465023_7238376133211639763_n

Rohit thinks genuine marketing is effective marketing. By focusing on strategic alliances for dashboard and analytics, loyalty, CRM he has given Ginesys a huge edge over other software providers. As a solution provider Ginesys in this cluttered market, Ginesys has won the hearts of its customers. We congratulate him for achieving such a feat.

It was a special occasion as Rohit shared the dias with some of Ginesys’ most successful customers: Mr. Kamal Khuslani of Mufti, Mr. Venugopal of V Mart and Mr. Anshul Aggarwal of Eteenz.

Why SMEs need regular ERP upgradation to survive

In sectors like retail and lifestyle, efficient ERPs are increasingly becoming an integral aspect of operation. The main facet that governs the growth of the mid sized firms is the ability to adapt with changing market trends. It is imperative to say that the smaller firms have not the infrastructure or revenue to upgrade always. While the whole infrastructure overhaul can be intimidating, slackness in upgrading some basic aspects like ERP might be disastrous to the long term plan of any firm.

The modern retail industry is progressive in nature with mobility being a basic feature. It is increasingly becoming synchronized with cloud integrations, extended reach and ROI centred decision making.

The changing scenario of organized retail has put the smaller firms under duress. The need is to be flexible and interactive to market demands. Investing in modern ERP is thus a pivotal aspect of sustenance for SMEs. To understand the aspects which make ERP upgrades so important, we have to delve a bit deeper.


Recent studies suggest that 25% of SMEs are keen on investing on better ERP for their retail business and the trend can be attributed to the following reasons.

Reason #1 Optimized costing

Reducing cost is no more a challenge to the retailers/manufacturers. Rather, optimizing cost to fine tune quality and quantity has taken centre stage. Real time ERP information makes it easier for firms to make spontaneous moves and reduce operational costs to as much as 23% (Ref: Forrester Research)

Reason #2 Systematic Production Techniques

In current retail scenario, SMEs are increasingly getting dependent upon the relevant technologies. From complex order processing to enhancing operating efficiency, these technologies run optimized only when the resident ERP system is well equipped to integrate them in the system. On-time deliveries for SMEs can experience up to 24% increase with proper integration of latest technologies along with the resident ERP. It is imperative to say that this is a major factor for evaluating the functionality of the ERP from time to time.

Reason #3 Optimize growth

Exponential growth for a retail firm sounds tempting, but the picture is not likewise in reality. Mismanagement of data is a common factor when it comes to incessant data tide. One can only imagine the effect data misinterpretation can have on the long term attributes of the concerned firm. From growing firms around 28% of tech spending is thus aimed at fine tuning data management and most importantly to grow with business volume. This facet also necessitates one to evaluate the potential of the resident ERP to scale up according to business growth.

How is your current system performing?  Is it in sync with your business aspirations?

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Degree of Sensitivity towards Retail Analytics can make a difference!

analyticsRecently a study has been published which highlights the importance of Retail Analytics in today’s retail scenario. It emphasizes that analytics plays a pivotal role in the decision making and differentiate between a opportunity won and opportunity lost.

The report highlights the following important points:

  • The Successful Retailers  make decisions on the basis of  real time data and reports  while there are many retailers who still take the decisions on their past experience and intuitions
  • Successful Retailers believe on being proactive, based on the analysis they have done on the consumer data rather than responding to consumer demands to model their own responses.
  • Successful Retailers consider money spend on  workforce and IT tools for Analytics as an investment while stragglers who worry about money spend on analytics as an expenditure, end up in loosing opportunity due to lack of quality of output.

A good analytics tool, collectively with a good Retail ERP which can capture all the important data, will act as a feeder to Analytics tool, and thereby transforming a Retailer into a successful Retailer.

Ginesys Retail ERP covers all the important data points and capture the data which is important to be act as a input to a good Analytics tool such as QlikView.

To read the complete article please click on the link below

Retail Management – An Effective Business Enhancement Tool

Online-MBA-in-Retail-managementA day in retail is dominated by incredible number of transactions both internally and externally with suppliers and customers. And the key to success lies in the efficient management of these transactions.And thus an intelligent retailer would pick the right store management software and not just a simple billing solution.

Lets dig a bit deeper…

In the Indian Retail Environment, we usually interact with 2 business modes.The first kind of retailers are doing business with a standalone POS system and the other kind are using a generic ERP along with a separate POS. And hence both parties lack control over the daily POS activities.After a close monitoring of the situation Ginesys has developed one solution which is synced and gives the retailer peace of mind and allows him space to expand his business empire.

A few highlights of Retail Management Software:

  • Reduces the amount of paperwork involved
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Supports all formats of retail including COCO, FOFO, SISand MBO.
  • Reduces turnaround time in processing orders
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces data input time
  • Eliminates costly overstocking or stock outs
  • Reduces storage space needed for stocking materials

Ginesys retail management software can be an asset to your entire retail business. For more details on features of Retail Management please click on the link below:

Inventory Management Optimization in Retail Industry: Need and Importance

inventory management optimizationGone are the days when customers had limited options for shopping. In the current scenario, if a customer does not find the desired merchandise at one retail shop, he has a second brand to rely on. A retailer can’t afford to lose even a single customer. It is really important for the retailer to retain his existing customers as well as attract potential buyers.

The retailer must ensure that every customer leaves his store with a smile. Unavailability of merchandise, empty shelves leave a negative impression on the customers and they are reluctant to visit the store in near future. Inventory management prevents such a situation as inventory refers to the goods stocked for future use.  Inventory is one of the most significant investments in the retail sector.

Our Ginesys ERP solutions allow you to take charge of your inventory management, increase service levels, and lower costs, along with these other features and benefits:

  • Supports unlimited SKUs, Items and Inventory parameters
  • Item classification into divisions, sections, departments, articles and items
  • Item detail with multiple attribute, categories like brand, size, design, color, pack   etc.
  • Store images at various levels and view reports with images
  • Category manager to restructure obsolete/dead item categories
  • Create and transfer serial number based items against SKU
  • Item merging, splitting and price revision modules

For complete details on features of Inventory Management please click on the link below: