GINESYS has integrated the leading mobile wallets PAYTM & MOBIKWIK as a new mode of payment

Secure and Seamless Mobile Wallet Payments in Ginesys POS

Jan 17, 2017

In India, at the onset of demonetization, it has become imperative for many of our users to gain the flexibility of… read more

GST in India for Retailers

How GST Will Benefit Retailers

Mar 04, 2016

Good and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive tax which is to be levied on manufacturing, sale and consumption of goods and service at PAN India level. It’s an effort to do away with various indirect taxes or double taxation, thus opening up… read more

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GST in India

GST: The Nation needs Your Taxes

Oct 15, 2016

Tax structure for indirect taxes in India has remained complex with a combination of state and centre level taxes and compliance rules. The complexity slowed down business due to requirements of multiple forms in various formats required for… read more

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The ERP Solution for GST Compliance - easemyGST

EasemyGST - The ERP Solution for GST Compliance

May 10, 2017

GST implementation date is just around the corner and the Nation is gearing up for an overhaul in the Indirect Tax structure. Ginesys launched a Goods and Services Tax return filing solution - EasemyGST.

EasemyGST is an initiative to… read more

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GST readiness with Ginesys

Future Storming with Ginesys 2017- Delhi Edition

May 17, 2017


10 Years into the journey of Ginesys we held “Future Storming with Ginesys 2017 – Delhi edition” where we got a chance to host top brands and retailers from across India. The event showcased our roadmap- making our clients future ready… read more

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