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Ginesys media coverage on Zee business.

On 4th May 2014, ZEE Business covered Ginesys on the solutions and the services in retail value chain.

Soumyadip Bhattacharya, Software Development Head of Ginesys highlighted the business benefits of ANALYTICS in Retail in multiple aspects.

1. Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunity:  Coherent customer data helps retailers to leverage up selling and cross-selling. It helps to understand customer buying pattern and maintain customer relations.

2. Improve Efficiency and Streamline its operations:  Analytics helps to have deep insights of the business and thereby streamlines the operations. It helps to identify which store, product, SKU, brand that is selling the most. All the information is centralized and is viewed on dashboard and thereby saves lot of time and eliminates inefficiencies.

3. Business Projection Trajectory:  Analytics as a trajectory tool in projecting the complete view on customer and competitor experience and opportunities that lie ahead as it records all the data incurred at a period of time and have an advantage of it.

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Real Time Information flow in Supply Chain:A Retail ERP must have


Supply chain

For accuracy in decision making, it is critical for all businesses to have information at the right time. For Retail, the importance of ‘Right Time’ is even more, owing to ever-changing, dynamic and competitive market it is in. Information flow should be real time across the retail value chain.

Recently, a white paper published by Accenture in association with Oracle emphasises on this very fact. It has highlighted 4 major facts, stressing the importance of real-time information in a retail environment:

  • Consistently aligning supply and demand by sensing the demand, then shaping it into a reality and measuring the outcome of the actions.
  • Minimize risk and maximize resilience by continuously analyzing the supply chain and removing the bottlenecks, especially when you are operating in diverse environment. Whether to procure it centrally or locally and whether to manufacture or procure are perfect examples.
  • Lean Global Operations by having the flexibility to work in centrally or locally controlled environment but in an integrated manner.
  • Leveraging the state of the art technology not only to engage and give customers a great buying experience but to analyze your business using specialized tools.

All the above mentioned points can only be possible if one has an end-toend integrated Retail ERP. Ginesys Retail ERP is a complete suite that provides real time information flow generated from POS to Back Office and provides valuable insights of the retail business.

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Data Analytics: An indispensable tool in Apparel Industry

Data analytics in apparel industryData is a natural resource in modern retail. Data Analytics is all about analyzing the voluminous data in real time, which helps in enhancing management decisions. Apparel Industry is dynamic where success of next season’s collection hinges on selecting the accurate designs, colors, fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Analyzing data with positive insights can be a big game changer in the modern apparel world.

Apparel industry is mostly influenced by forecast that is based on identifying the most popular parametric values (colors, fabric, style and many more) of apparels. If you predict it right, it may bring a profitable season for you, else it may lead to heaps of discarded inventories. The surge of change in consumer behavior is dynamic and with the help of data analytics engines we can recognize the customer preference which will lead to confident business decision.  It helps the retailers in knowing the customer demands thereby minimizing the risk and managing the stocks that are relevant to consumer base.

Ginesys Analytics Dashboard Suite, integrated with Ginesys v11 ERP & Point-of-Sale, is a graphical web-based tool, which enables you to take business decisions on the move, by simply clicking through interactive graphical dashboards. It helps our apparel retailers and brand manufacturers in analyzing their humongous data in real time, thereby helping them to be in pace with the competitive environment in the market.

High-Speed Decisions…Now a Reality With Ginesys Analytics Dashboard

In today’s dynamic business environment, taking decisions on the move is critical for the success of any organization. Analyzing mountains of business data to get decision quickly is a tedious task…… but not any more…

Ginesys Qlikview

Ginesys introduces new Analytics Dashboard Suite, powered by QlikView, a global leading company in data analytics

Analytics Dashboard Suite, integrated with Ginesys v11 ERP software, is a graphical web-based tool, which enables you to take business decisions on the move, by simply clicking through interactive graphical dashboards. It is very user friendly, even for a non- technical person.

Go ahead…make those high-speed business decisions. Anytime…  Anywhere with Ginesys Analytics Dashboard.



Retailers in the modern era watch out for latest solutions which can analyze their humongous data, intricacy and diversity and thereby leads to the insights of latest consumer trends and behavior. Good Data Analytics helps retailers to analyze the data in real time and serve customer in a compiled way. It is a boon in assessing the complete insight of your business. It helps in forecasting the tangible future plans and helps to be in pace with the growing trends competitive environment.

A Recent study published in Images Business of fashion supports the importance of Good Data Analytics. The study highlights the following points

  • Good analytics helps retailers in adopting new approaches which leads to customer engagement and customer retention, maximize profitability, enhance marketing and maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Good Analytics helps in analyzing the latest trends and patterns which helps in enhancing the stock and cash management.

Ginesys Retail ERP is equipped with Data Analytics tool that has helped our existing clients in analyzing their capacious data in real time and providing satisfaction to their customers. They are aware about the latest trends and patterns and are keeping pace with the competitive environment in the market.

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