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Split items in a bill to make it apparent

Ever felt like bill could become more understandable.Billing or Invoicing in the case of fabrics is always a bit tricky!

For example the same fabric is purchased by a customer in 2 cut pieces, suppose one in 2 meters and one in 1 meter. It is possible to split one item into multiple lines on the bill making it clearer as to what was purchased to the shopper. You can also select different sales persons for the same item on different lines increasing sales flexibility.

Earlier it was always merged into a single line. This option still remains and might be useful in situations where it is not useful to show separate lines of quantity but a single line of total quantity.


Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Amplify Sales by using Bundling in Ginesys


Bundling  means making a group of items. Sometimes there is a situation arises that some items, individually , don’t get sold out easily but as soon as you make the bundle or group of those products ,same  items looks a better bet to customers as compared to buying them individually and the sales increases. This is because the  retailer can offer the customer a better price as he is buying more. So Bundeling or grouping is always a better option to enhance your sales.

Ginesys has this option of  creating a new bundled item from the existing items. For Example, a shirt (G1000) and a trouser (G1001) are having pieces 50 pieces each in stock and now there is a need to sell them as bundles, all we need to do is open Bundle option in GINESYS, select the old barcodes (G1000, G1001), specify or create a new item say G1002, specify the quantity of consuming and output and save the entry, it subtracts the quantity from old barcodes (G1000, G1001) and add the specified quantity in Receive Stock to the (G1002) barcode.

So just select the Items which looks a better bet together, rather individually, make a bundle of them, generate a new barcode for it using Ginesys and sell them as easy as you like.

All the Best n Happy Selling!!!!!

Barcode Turns 60

On 7th of October 2012, its the 60th anniversary of the patent grant for barcode. Sixty years ago on the same day it has been granted patent but it has been  actually put full fledged into practice after  another 22 years. Patent or practical use doesn’t really matter; the Barcode is passing a milestone and has changed the way we live.

For today’s generation, it’s very  hard to imagine that there was actually a time when everything you bought wasn’t scanable. Today, of course, those vertical zebra stripes are ubiquitous, on everything – from air fresheners to zombie survival kits.

Happy B’day Barcode!!!!…..

For more  information you can follow the link on Wikipedia

GINESYS mobile application is now available on Android & iPhone

Retail ERP application Ginesys brings retail power in your pocket through its mobile application launch named as “Ginesys Pockety”. It can be downloaded from android market and installed on your mobile or tablet device. This application is secure and gives accessibility to retail managers to view the stock (quantity) availability at various sites by entering or scanning the product barcode. 

Presently “Ginesys Pockety” is available as a free application.


Unique barcodes for each and every item now available

Though it is not a common scenario, certain retailers do sometimes wish to track the movement of each and every item of inventory rather than the quantity of a certain product. i.e. they wish to tag every piece of every product with a unique code. This obviously has advantages when it comes to knowing precise information about a piece of stock but requires some overhead in terms of management.

Despite this being a rare use case, Ginesys now has enabled this scenario too. Another advantage is that you can track the production or procurement by lot, batch and serial number as well through the barcode. In Ginesys you can also create multiple barcode series. With this addition you can encode any information about a particular item like its date of manufacturing, lot number, price etc. within the barcode itself.

For those of you who are wondering that how is the pic related to our release: here is the explanation: Long years back in the USA cowboys would apply a hot iron brand to their cows so that they can track the cows from their farm. Now with the latest Ginesys release they could track the movement of each cow by its name!