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Ginesys at India Fashion Forum 2014

BlogIMAGES Group once again proudly presented the 14th edition of India Fashion Forum. Held on 17th and 18th January, this mega forum saw world visionaries and think tanks share their vision at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

Besides National and Global fashion retail chains; India’s top regional retail chains and most successful franchisees actively participated in this forum.

The main highlight of our participation was Rohit Khetan (Marketing and Strategy Head) being a distinguished panelist on  “Expanding to The Next Frontier of Fashion Growth – Reaching the Tier II, III and IV Markets” along with:

·      Gopalakrishnan Sankar, CEO – Reliance Footprint and CEO – Reliance Living

·      Praveen Sinha, Co-Founder and MD,

·      Sandeep Mukim, CEO, Proline

GINESYS received a great applause from its clients and significant response from the keen visitors who are interested in building an organized retail business.

Split items in a bill to make it apparent

Ever felt like bill could become more understandable.Billing or Invoicing in the case of fabrics is always a bit tricky!

For example the same fabric is purchased by a customer in 2 cut pieces, suppose one in 2 meters and one in 1 meter. It is possible to split one item into multiple lines on the bill making it clearer as to what was purchased to the shopper. You can also select different sales persons for the same item on different lines increasing sales flexibility.

Earlier it was always merged into a single line. This option still remains and might be useful in situations where it is not useful to show separate lines of quantity but a single line of total quantity.


Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Organized apparel retailers tapping online route

Recently Ginesys released a report on how organized apparel retailers are moving into e-commerce space aggressively.

The main points highlighted were:

  • Almost 20.1 percent of organized apparel retailers are present on multiple online platforms.
  • The study also highlighted that 12.8 percent of organized apparel retailers have invested in their own ecommerce infrastructure i.e., ecommerce ready websites and 20.2 percent of organized apparel retailers are present on multiple online platforms including their own sites and third party marketplaces.

Commenting on the findings of the report, Prashant Lohia, CEO, Ginesys, said: “Retailers have realized that a major chunk of the target consumer base is now online. Organized retailers with their pan-India bandwidth and large resources are rightly placed to tap into this opportunity. As solution providers, we at Ginesys are developing products that facilitate a smooth transition to an online business model.”


You can read the full article at the links mentioned below:

Print Missing Barcodes at the POS



What to do if there is customer wanting to buy a product but the barcode is missing ?

Rebarcoding is generally done for items only at Head office or warehouse. But now Ginesys has a new feature by which it is possible to look up an item via search and print the barcode for the same at the shop’s point of sale itself.

Hence this allows rebarcoding to be a less expensive effort, saving logistics efforts and also increases customer satisfaction and pushes sales.


Manyavar Ravi Modi bags Asia’s Young Retailer of the year award

Mr. Ravi Modi, MD of Manyavar  was announced as the winner of the Young Retailer of the year award at the Asia Retail Congress 2012 held at Mumbai on 14th February, 2012. The award, considered to be Asia’s most prestigious business award for young entrepreneurs in retail, is a great honor for Manyavar, the leader in Ethnic wear in India. Not only this, he has also been profiled in the dossier – Retail Icons of India.

Mr. Modi notes the collective performance of Manyavar’s management team and employees as chief contributor to this win. The competition was intense as the Asia Retail Congress is considered to be the General Assembly for the big Retailers in Asia. With exceptional progress made in retailing of Men’s Ethnic wear, Manyavar is emerging as a true industry leader.

GINESYS congratulates Mr. Modi and his team for this success and wishes them more victories in the near future.