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Sanity Check for Data Sync from POS

posdata1Ginesys data sync is one of the most reliable features of Ginesys point of sales and retail system. But in certain scenarios there is a mismatch in the POS transaction documents posted and the documents available at the head office (HO). If this situation is not noticed and corrected it can lead to major variations in HO and POS reports over time.

To prevent this situation from going unnoticed and getting aggravated, we have added a data sanity check mechanism after data synchronization. This sanity check once triggered will identify the location of the missing transaction. This will ensure all relevant data – i.e. cash memos, deposit/ refund slips, gift vouchers, customer loyalty data etc. – are correctly synced to the Head Office application before the day’s data can be posted finally to accounts.

Multi-channel retailing: Manage stock and sales for non-Ginesys locations

omni5Ginesys POS was a good solution for company-owned or franchisee owned shops indicated above. Yet there are many situations where it is not possible to install a point of sale software even though it is your own stock. For example in a shop-in-shop inside a store being run by a different retailer. Additionaly for online sales also new business models developed like having your own e-commerce website or selling through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues. We are now providing solutions for these situations as well:

1.       Unmanaged Owned (COCO) store: Such companies have a great deal of problem in managing different outlets of different brands as each brand outlet is using different ERP software. Now with this feature, you can create a new Organization Site or that store which will help you keep the track of your stock and sales. Sales can be uploaded in Excel.

2.       Marketplace (fulfilled by marketplace): In such e-sales channel, the marketplace handles the order and dispatch of your product. Here, you can create an unmanaged customer site to handle such outlets from where you can import all the sales and stock information required.

3.       Marketplace (fulfilled by seller):  In this, you handle the order and dispatch of your product like it is done in your own e-commerce site. Order processing to dispatch/invoicing needs to be done in E-commerce Aggregator’s website. So the excel sheet created by it can be imported by Ginesys to help you retrieve the information.

Displaying image.png

That is not all! We have added new sales & distribution reports and fine-tuned existing reports to check out information from the above sales channel. This will help in a big way to enablement of multi-channel or omni-channel retailing.


Regulate return of stock from stores

hocontrolNow retailers with a number of shops running Ginesys POS can manage
their stock movement from a single point of control. In Ginesys retail
management software we have added functionality to request return of
stock from point of sale locations. The stores will then return stock
from POS according to the requested quantity and items. This brings much
more control on the return process and enhances the replenishment possibilities.
Retail shops having large unsold inventory do not need to decide what
to send back. The head office can check other store requirements and
either request a return to warehouse (DC) or a transfer to another

Your Invoice now comes with Custom Fields

Ginesys InvoiceSometimes a retail merchant would like to track certain invoice characteristics which are not part of the transaction. For example, if the retailer needs to track if an invoice was for a male or female shopper. This can be done with a choice of these two options. If the retailer is creating an invoice for fulfilling an e-commerce order, they need a field to capture the online order number.


For these kind of requirements Ginesys has introduced custom fields driven by the merchant in the Point of Sales. These can be defined at the head office level and we can also deliver reports against the same. We hope merchants will be able to use these fields to drive retail software more efficiently

Store Goods Receive can be now checked in POS via Tolerance

Goods received tolerance at POSIt often happens that the quantity of the items received at store POS does not match the quantity dispatched from the warehouse or replenishment site.

This may be due to following reasons

1. Actual dispatch quantity was wrong (this can lead to short/ excess quantity being received at store)

2. While the goods are in transit, some goods are lost (this usually results in a shortfall in receipt)

While the first point indicates an human error the second point is really important as it may be due to pilferage or some negligence  while the goods are in transit. Identifying the reasons of mismatch and going into root cause of it very critical. Earlier the users (if allowed to do so from Head Office) are allowed to receive the  items at the store POS, irrespective of the quantity mentioned in the document which is a critical loophole.

Now Ginesys retail management software has an option to set the tolerance limit for mismatch from the HO in terms of percentage of total quantity. This can be set for both excess as well as short quantity received at the retail store POS.  If the quantity exceeds  the tolerance limit the intervention of HO or a person from superior role in the store is required to complete the goods receipt.