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Policy Controlled Promotion Application on POS Order Items in POS Bill

promo1Ginesys retail software has introduced a new policy system to control the applicability of promotion in POS bill on POS order items. Suppose for an item custom tailoring is required, wherein the customer finalizes the item and purchases on the other day, then the store can configure different policies to apply or not apply any promotion for the selected item.

The policy can be configured in the following ways –

  1. Only memo level promotion
  2. Only item level promotion
  3. Both item level & memo level promotion
  4. Do not apply

Unlike earlier, when promotion was always applied on POS order items in POS bill, now it would happen depending upon the system policy configuration.




Item Description wise Assortment Creation for Promotion

ID1An enhancement has been introduced in Ginesys retail software to manage promotions. A new Item description field have been added in the Add Assortment window. Now, Ginesys users can create assortments on the basis of item descriptions.

Thus, item description can also be used as a validating parameter at the time of promotion resolution in POS software.

Purchase Order creation for Multiple Sites is Automated

PO1Now, Ginesys Retail Software users can create purchase order for multiple sites at once through import excel option.  A new Excel import class option has been provided to help users to create Multiple PO for Multiple Sites at one go.

This enhancement will help users to handle their multiple sites wherein the PO varies from site to site.

Ginesys Celebrated 10 years of Association

3There are events and there are special events. This one was special because we got a chance to host our esteemed clients at a special commemoration of 10 years of Ginesys. We felt grateful to host more than 100+ top retailers and brands from across the country. The event encompassed discussions on GST, the future of retail and our technology roadmap.

We are truly humbled by the turnout and appreciate your confidence in what is turning out to be the best retail solution in the country.

Thanks a ton!

Here are some moments-

PresentationsMomento Presentation to VMartMomento Presentation to Mufti


Multiple Cash Discount can be applied in AP voucher

cd3Ginesys retail ERP software has now introduced the flexibility of applying different cash discounts for the same vendor depending upon payment conditions and different items.

Suppose a vendor offers a cash discount of 10%, if payments are made within 60 days. Now, for some reason and if the payment is delayed after 60 days then he will only allow 5% cash discount.  Or if the vendor offers various cash discounts on different departments under his company. So the user can apply all these manual cash discounts on AP entries during document adjustment in the retail ERP software.

Thus, cash discount percentage can now be modified while making payments using AP Voucher.