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Pending Packet Information will now be available at Head Office

pending-packet2Effective replenishment is the backbone of any retail business. For this, factual inventory data is mandatory.  Fine tuning the retail system to achieve this is the need of the hour.

Earlier, the HO didn’t have a clear visibility on what packed goods are pending at the store end until it got tagged in packet document. For instance, if store A has 10 goods and out of which 4 are packed for dispatch to store B. So store A has 6 goods in stock and 4 are pending packets. But HO is still under the impression that store A has stock above the threshold value (suppose 8) which results in ineffective replenishment planning.

But this isn’t a problem for Ginesys users anymore!

Ginesys has introduced a new field “Packet status” in the inventory management software so that head office (HO) can trace the pending packet information. “Packet Status” field is incorporated in the Ginesys inventory management software. Once a pending packet is packed at a store, the packet status is updated from “open” to “close”. The “close” packet status will be synced to the HO and he can then replenish the stock at the store accordingly.

Thus, this enhancement will help the HO in differentiating between the stock and pending packets. Even if the packed goods are not sent from the store, HO will know the actual stock.

And hence, HO can do up-to-the-minute stock replenishment which will lead to efficient inventory management.

No Turning Back – The Ginesys Annual Meet 2k16

Ginesys Team

Team Ginesys came together as a unified unit on a 2 day power packed session filled with activities, team jamboree, some inspiring seminars and brainstorming sessions at the ever serene & tranquil Vedic Village resort, Kolkata.

The event saw Team Ginesys in all their vigour and exuberance. The annual event brings teams from different zones to come together with aim of better cohesion in planning and execution. Hopefully the decisions taken in this conclave will lead to a more productive partner in customers’ growth.

V- Mart featured in Outlook Business magazine as one of the fastest growing company

V Mart

V-Mart, being one of our revered clients has been covered by Outlook Magazine in the January 2016 edition.  Featured as one of the fastest growing companies along with some other well known names in the market, Lalit Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, throws light on how V-Mart has managed to successfully operate while keeping costs low. He realized there was a dearth of retail shops providing a great store environment for “value-for-money” shopping in smaller cities. Today he is reaping the rewards for the risk in setting up this retail venture.

V-Mart uses Ginesys for their retail billing software and store management system and accounting software. As a retail solution provider, we have seen them grow at a brisk pace and wish them a bright future.


Ginesys Annual Business Meet 2014

GinesysGinesys held its Annual Business Meet at Heritage Resort in Manesar. Prashant Lohia, CEO of Ginesys, led the event which comprised of multiple brainstorming and fun sessions.

It has been as ever, abundance of intellectual discussions, with some 14 sessions on everything from past and future developments, strategic initiatives. Highlights were sessions on Analytics, Loyalty Management, Replenishment and Webworks.

This two day power-packed agenda welcomed suggestions and future plans of every department to make Ginesys a more Customer Centric Organization. Everyone was delighted with the arrangements and overall it was a great learning experience.

Wishing Ginesys the very best in its future endeavors.

For pics you can follow the link below:

Ginesys media coverage on Zee business.

On 23rd March 2014, ZEE Business covered Ginesys on the solutions and the services in retail value chain.

Prashant Lohia, CEO and Founder of Ginesys highlighted the business benefits of ERP and Point-of-Sale software in multiple aspects.

  • Ginesys is an end-to-end integrated application from procurement to production to point of sale to analytics and helps in analyzing the business data to get the real time status and reports.
  • He emphasized about the surge of change in consumer behavior and how Ginesys Retail Software can recognize the customer preference, which will lead to informed business decisions and optimize inventory management.

Please click on  the link below for the complete coverage.