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HO control over Price editing at POS

untitledSometimes for certain products price editing is allowed at POS. Ginesys retail software has introduced a tolerance range for such products.

Now a tolerance range (in amount or percent) can be specified by the HO. This tolerance range will restrict cashiers from selling the product at a below margin price or charging customers an unreasonable price.

Thus, this will allow HO to have control over price editing being done at the POS.


POS security – the absolute essential for modern retail


Controlling POS Terminals from HO is easy and better than ever

HO Controlled POS

Retailers normally prefer such a retail software that will give them total control over store operations especially at the POS.A good control-oriented Retail ERP will not only put the best practices a day-to-day affair in the store but will also result in standardization across the retail store chain.

Modifying anything at the POS terminal individually at each terminal will be easy in case the number of stores are few. This will become a hectic task if the number of terminals is large.In that case it will be time consuming as well as error prone activity. So a retail software should be such that  it can handle such mass updates quickly.

Ginesys has introduced the concept of Terminal Master at HO. With this, the administrator can do bulk modification  just by  feeding in the change needs to be done , along with the terminals where this modification needs to be done. This will result in following advantages

1.    Time Saving

2.    More Control

3.    Promoting standardization and best practices along the retail chain

Note: This feature is specifically for V11