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Auto Email- Send automated Sales Invoice and Outstanding Balance to B2B Customers

Automated Email

Ginesys retail ERP now makes it possible to send automated email of sales invoice and outstanding balance to wholesale customers. With this feature in inventory software, sales invoice is generated from the delivery note (delivery challan). Soft copy of the invoice is emailed to the customer instantly. Along with the invoice, any outstanding amount is also mailed. Providing such a feature makes instant customer delight as the customer gets a confirmation of his/ her invoice immediately.

Deliver through centralised logistics in Retail ERP

Logistics in Retail ERP

Imagine having all of your products at separate locations. Now imagine trying to deliver a product from each of those distribution centers to different locations. There are two ways of doing it : 1. Send it directly from one location to other. 2. Collect them at single location and  bundling the items to be sent to same location into single consignment and then sending the same.

Although the option 1, in theory, i.e operating multiple distribution centers doesn’t sound so bad. However, the  logistics of running multiple distribution centers or origins for products can become a nightmare to manage  in terms of Time ,Traceability and Logistics costs.

Ginesys Retail Software now has the option to manage the logistics centrally in which there will be a central distribution center in each of the regions defined. All the items, to be sent get collected at a centralized distribution center and bundled into single consignment meant for target location. These consignments are then dispatched to target locations. To achieve this you can fix the route, through which it will be transferred, in the software itself and make it a standard practice to follow.

With this option you can achieve operational excellence as it results in

  1. Easy tracking
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Timely delivery

Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Liquidate your Dead Stock using split option at POS

POS feature related Inventory dead stock management

Dead Stock or damaged stock in an inventory has always been a major cause of concern for retailers. It results in unnecessary inventory holding cost, which affects the opportunity cost of the money that has been blocked with that item. Retailers are always looking for a way out to dispose off this dead stock at a reasonable price.

One way of disposing this stock is to sell it off at a lower price. For this, barcode for the damaged item needs to be changed, to make it as a separate entity in the inventory. A POS software should be such that it should support this split option. Earlier the splitting of the barcode was done only at the HO level and was a very time consuming activity . Now this feature is available at the POS level. The operator can generate a new barcode for the damaged item which gets updated in the inventory, after that the item can be sold off at a lower price.

Use split option at Ginesys POS  to dispose off your damaged stock!

Supplier bill reconciliation in a single click!

For any wholesaler / manufacturer / retailer purchasing inventory in a large volume from a single supplier, it has always been a tedious and  task to reconcile the supplier bills with supplier payments. One needs to manually go through all the bills and payments in the accounting software at the month end to mark the payment with a corresponding bill. It becomes more complex when the size of the business increases.

Ginesys now has a feature where you just enter the bills and the payments in the warehouse software. At the month end you can just click reconcile option and it will settle the bills against payments on FIFO basis on its own. This will not only save the time but will also help in minimizing the human error as system in doing the reconciliation.


Inventory control with Weighing Machine Integration for Retail

Retailers these days are constantly in search of methods that can reduce the pilferage and increase the operational efficiency. These requirements become more critical in case of FMCG sector where on one hand pilferage is not very uncommon and difficult to detect and on the other maintaining operational efficiency becomes very important due to high transactional volume.

To counter these issues, Ginesys has come up with a feature of weighing machine integration at the POS level. The weighing machine is integrated with Ginesys POS, which automatically generates and prints the barcode according to the weight of the loose  item. Cashier then just scans the generated barcode and item gets billed.

This reduces pilferage by having everything, from weighing to billing, integrated. This also increases the operational efficiency as cashier just has to scan the barcode rather than doing everything from noting down to putting in the system.

So use this feature in Ginesys and enjoy the dual advantage!