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What is SPSFD and Why is it Important?

spsf1Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD) is a key metric that you need to track. It is a measure of how well you are utilising your selling space. Most brands and retailers do track this and it is possible to do this in most software either as a straightforward report or as a custom option.
This figure is also usually reported publicly if it is a listed retail company hence making comparison with leaders in the same category of goods possible.
Another alternative might be to track SPSFD where you are considering your warehouse / DC space as well. This will definitely be a custom report and it gives an overall space/ resource utilisation picture. But this picture is not usually reported for most listed companies and an average for your category might be difficult to find out.
In these days of high rentals it is a rough and ready metric to see if you are making a profit considering your rent/ sq ft / day + inventory cost / day.

AND Design India coveted among 16 unlisted fastest growing companies by Forbes India.

ANDAND Design one of our cherished clients has been ranked among the 16 unlisted fastest growing companies in India by Forbes.

AND is using Ginesys for their entire operations including inventory, production, accounts, wholesale, retail management and POS. As a retail solution provider to AND and its brands like Global Desi, we have seen its growth at close quarters and can vouch for its dynamic culture and commitment to quality which has helped it achieve this result.

Team Ginesys wishes it all the best.

Deliver through centralised logistics in Retail ERP

Logistics in Retail ERP

Imagine having all of your products at separate locations. Now imagine trying to deliver a product from each of those distribution centers to different locations. There are two ways of doing it : 1. Send it directly from one location to other. 2. Collect them at single location and  bundling the items to be sent to same location into single consignment and then sending the same.

Although the option 1, in theory, i.e operating multiple distribution centers doesn’t sound so bad. However, the  logistics of running multiple distribution centers or origins for products can become a nightmare to manage  in terms of Time ,Traceability and Logistics costs.

Ginesys Retail Software now has the option to manage the logistics centrally in which there will be a central distribution center in each of the regions defined. All the items, to be sent get collected at a centralized distribution center and bundled into single consignment meant for target location. These consignments are then dispatched to target locations. To achieve this you can fix the route, through which it will be transferred, in the software itself and make it a standard practice to follow.

With this option you can achieve operational excellence as it results in

  1. Easy tracking
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Timely delivery

Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Quick Stock look-up helps you retain Sales Opportunities

What if some item has reached zero level at your store?

Would you say no to the customer or would you rather let him know where else it is available?

Now with Ginesys, you can easily look up items across your chain not only at HO but from any POS.

This network search works on last-synchronized data available at the head-office. You can apply different criteria by selecting various attributes.



Charge VAT Separately on Promo Items using Ginesys

A trend has begun recently, that retailers putting items on promotion at X% discount and adding back the VAT . This leads to complexity in billing of adding the tax separately on an item which was earlier on a tax inclusive basis.

In Ginesys now we have incorporated this aspect and we can mark during creation of promotion whether billing is to happen on a tax inclusive or on a exclusive basis.This will lead to the correct calculation.

MRP 500
VAT 5%
Discount: 30%
Price after disc: 350
Price to be paid: 350+ 17.5 = 367.5

This will work under all types of promotions like Flat Discount, Flat Price etc. Using this feature retailers can better protect their bottom-line even when putting up items on discount.