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Manufacturing Importance in Retail

manufgIn today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive market, every decision needs to be made with the goal of optimizing the entire product lifecycle. Maximize the visibility and consistency of the entire manufacturing operations – inventory planning, forecasting , real- time data reports and thereby meet the customer expectations and provide a accelerating the growth to your business. The Manufacturing solution enables you to:

  • Forecast production and materials based on sales inputs and track against sales orders.
  • Connect end- to- end visibility across the entire value chain.
  • Deliver real time data and analytics to improve and evaluate the process visibility of your Business.
  • Accurate Tracking of Finished materials against Manufacturing Order.
  • Manage production lead time and scheduled completion time.
  • Process, jobber, article, item-wise rates and service invoice tracking.
  • Identifying and managing the intricate work- in- progress situations.
  • Reduces the risk of wastage through tracking of actual versus planned consumption and efforts.
  • Seamlessly account integration that empowers continuous improvement across the chain.

For full details on Ginesys Manufacturing Solution please click on the link below.

Tracking the stages in your Production is now at your fingertips

production trackingTo keep with the pace of today’s dynamic market place, it is imperative to know the health of your production process in real-time. Tracking, stages in a production process, can be compared to BP Machine for a patient with Blood pressure problem.

Accurate data at the right time is mandatory to make important decisions about your business. More often than not, manufacturers have little or no visibility into production operations. Possibly the best visibility they do have is based on old or manually collected data. Real-time access to production data can create a major impact on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency — and ultimately the cost — of your business operations.

Ginesys ERP is now equipped with this tracking system where you can track each and every step of your production process. Multiple simultaneous processes are common these days. For e.g. to make a designer shirt, front and back portions are being processed simultaneously but separately, with the idea that it will be merged into single process of manufacturing the shirt, later. These processes may have some sub-assembly processes as well. Now, in Ginesys after making a job order, one can easily track the status at each and every step of the production process. This applies not only to the WIP but also to the inventory status at each and every step of the process.

This tracking will help the management with informed decision making. It will make them aware not only about the bottlenecks in the processes, but it will help them to plan for the future as well.

V-Mart organises supplier meet ‘Shayog 2014′ to commemorate Ten years


8 February 2014 saw the leading value retailer in the country, V-Mart completing ten successful years of journey in retail. To commemorate all leading suppliers for their strategic association in the past decade, V-Mart had organized Shayog 2014. Shayog as the name has it, stands for “Collaboration”. This mega-event was held at Four Points Sheraton, New Delhi.

2014-02-08 15.36.37The event unfolded with the top management, headed by Lalit Agarwal, CMD of V-Mart deliver the keynote address in the august presence of nearly two hundred business partners.

Prashant Lohia, CEO & Founder, Ginesys, presented his views in the panel discussion –  “Transformation from a Manufacturer to a Brand”, sharing the podium with eminent panelists, notably: Jeetmal Jain (JM Jain), Mahender Bajaj (Harra), Rajiv Goenka (Shipra Commercial) and other dignitaries.

One of the highlights of the event saw Prashant Lohia unveil the V-Mart Supplier Portal Dashboard powered by Ginesys. “Suppliers can login and view their real-time performance in V-Mart wrt their sales and stock data”, Mr Lohia reinstated.

The event saw, Chandradeep Sen, Head – Marketing & Business Development of Ginesys, present his views on  “How Technology can empower a Manufacturer’s Business”. In this interactive session, he talked about how IT can be leveraged for business growth. Mahender Bajaj (Harra) and Rajiv Goenka (Shipra Commercial) highlighted on Return on Investment after implementing an ERP solution.

V_Mart_Logo (1)This retreating winter saw the day conclude with a cultural program and a glittering Award ceremony to recognize leading suppliers of V-Mart on completion of their association with V-Mart in the past decade. Suppliers witnessed diverse management topics ranging from gaining ‘consumer insights’ to ‘strategy’, ‘process efficiency’ to ‘vendor policies’ and ‘enablement of business growth by leveraging IT’. Such vast exchange of knowledge kept the audience at the edge of their seat, thirsting to absorb more.

At Ginesys, V-Mart has been our esteemed client since the day of inception. We, at Ginesys, are beside ourselves with joy to be an integral part of this jubilee and bring you this news feed.

300 not out: Manyavar rapid expansion

Manyavar 300th store

Manyavar has hit the triple century of stores at Quest mall Kolkata. The 300th store opening not only marks substantial growth in this market, but moreover it represents the continued enthusiasm and hard work team Manyavar has put in.

Team Ginesys is proud to be providing the software for their retail and manufacturing operations and for being part of this commendable success story. We wish them all the best in their endeavours.


Charge VAT Separately on Promo Items using Ginesys

A trend has begun recently, that retailers putting items on promotion at X% discount and adding back the VAT . This leads to complexity in billing of adding the tax separately on an item which was earlier on a tax inclusive basis.

In Ginesys now we have incorporated this aspect and we can mark during creation of promotion whether billing is to happen on a tax inclusive or on a exclusive basis.This will lead to the correct calculation.

MRP 500
VAT 5%
Discount: 30%
Price after disc: 350
Price to be paid: 350+ 17.5 = 367.5

This will work under all types of promotions like Flat Discount, Flat Price etc. Using this feature retailers can better protect their bottom-line even when putting up items on discount.