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Multi-channel retailing: Manage stock and sales for non-Ginesys locations

omni5Ginesys POS was a good solution for company-owned or franchisee owned shops indicated above. Yet there are many situations where it is not possible to install a point of sale software even though it is your own stock. For example in a shop-in-shop inside a store being run by a different retailer. Additionaly for online sales also new business models developed like having your own e-commerce website or selling through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues. We are now providing solutions for these situations as well:

1.       Unmanaged Owned (COCO) store: Such companies have a great deal of problem in managing different outlets of different brands as each brand outlet is using different ERP software. Now with this feature, you can create a new Organization Site or that store which will help you keep the track of your stock and sales. Sales can be uploaded in Excel.

2.       Marketplace (fulfilled by marketplace): In such e-sales channel, the marketplace handles the order and dispatch of your product. Here, you can create an unmanaged customer site to handle such outlets from where you can import all the sales and stock information required.

3.       Marketplace (fulfilled by seller):  In this, you handle the order and dispatch of your product like it is done in your own e-commerce site. Order processing to dispatch/invoicing needs to be done in E-commerce Aggregator’s website. So the excel sheet created by it can be imported by Ginesys to help you retrieve the information.

Displaying image.png

That is not all! We have added new sales & distribution reports and fine-tuned existing reports to check out information from the above sales channel. This will help in a big way to enablement of multi-channel or omni-channel retailing.


Your Invoice now comes with Custom Fields

Ginesys InvoiceSometimes a retail merchant would like to track certain invoice characteristics which are not part of the transaction. For example, if the retailer needs to track if an invoice was for a male or female shopper. This can be done with a choice of these two options. If the retailer is creating an invoice for fulfilling an e-commerce order, they need a field to capture the online order number.


For these kind of requirements Ginesys has introduced custom fields driven by the merchant in the Point of Sales. These can be defined at the head office level and we can also deliver reports against the same. We hope merchants will be able to use these fields to drive retail software more efficiently

Ginesys Retail ERP now attributed with Centralized Credit Note

credit note retail ERPCredit  note was already available in Ginesys Retail ERP but the option to redeem that credit note at any of the retail store of the Retail chain  was not available  which  was hampering the flexibility, control  and subsequently the customer experience. Ginesys now equipped with  Centralized Credit Note feature which enables the customer to redeem the credit note in any of the retail stores of the retail chain in which it has been issued. This will not only enhance the customer experience but will make the process of  credit note issue/redemption flexible, more centrally controlled , hassle free and less prone to pilferage & errors.

A credit note  is a commercial document issued by a retailer  to the customer in case of  return of an  item/product  to them. The retailer usually issues a credit note for the same or lower amount than the invoice, and then sets it off against a balance due from other transactions done by the customer at the store. There may some other cases as well where credit note is issued, such as in case of an advance against a product, but predominantly it happens in case of items returned.

Use of credit note is advantageous to Retailer in comparison to hard cash or account credit to the customer as

  • It will  help in avoiding  unreasonable  returns
  • It will also ensure  that sales once done won’t  be reversed.
  • It may also pursue  the customer to visit the store again which may result in some extra purchase and eventually results in additional sales.
  • It will also result  in hassle free returns  and thus will help in maintaining healthy relationship with the customer
  • It is easy to manage and has negligible loop holes

All in all  a  win win  situation for Retailer and customer.

Delivery Slip option in Retail Software can enhance the instore experience.

delivery slip

Redicing the billing time so that the customer can spend more time in browsing is a key goal of retailers. In very large stores the number of cash counters needed to manage sales effectively, will be large unless picking counters are introduced. Delivery  slip is one such option where the concept is to basically pack the items which the customer selects and provide them a slip, which further will be presented at POS collection center to collect payment and release the products selected by the customer. This ensures hassle free  and convenient buying for the customer.

Ginesys Retail software now can implement this in the store where apart from the above mentioned advantage one can easily reduce the risk of pilferage and staggered collection centers. Further there is the option to add items to bill or to remove items from a bill. Different salespersons can be tagged to different slips. This makes it easy to track counter-wise sales commissions.

Controlling POS Terminals from HO is easy and better than ever

HO Controlled POS

Retailers normally prefer such a retail software that will give them total control over store operations especially at the POS.A good control-oriented Retail ERP will not only put the best practices a day-to-day affair in the store but will also result in standardization across the retail store chain.

Modifying anything at the POS terminal individually at each terminal will be easy in case the number of stores are few. This will become a hectic task if the number of terminals is large.In that case it will be time consuming as well as error prone activity. So a retail software should be such that  it can handle such mass updates quickly.

Ginesys has introduced the concept of Terminal Master at HO. With this, the administrator can do bulk modification  just by  feeding in the change needs to be done , along with the terminals where this modification needs to be done. This will result in following advantages

1.    Time Saving

2.    More Control

3.    Promoting standardization and best practices along the retail chain

Note: This feature is specifically for V11