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Global Item Search- Get item details at stores anytime

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In Ginesys Store Management System Software it is required to allocate item master (the item details) to a store before any transactions can be done in the store. Item master means important information like name, product type, price, brand, color, category, size, material, SKU etc. Ginesys retail store POS software now makes it possible for stores to search item details even when it’s not available in the POS system through allocation or goods receipt. The mechanism allows searching the item detail entered in the head office inventory management software. If item is found in HO, the item details can be downloaded. If allowed sales could also be made with zero inventory at store since item data is already available. After making the sale at the store POS, physical stock could be procured from the warehouse to complete the transaction.

V Mart expands its footprints with first store in Odisha

V Mart

V- Mart, the “Value Retail” departmental store  has expanded further with the opening of it’s new store in Berhampur in Odisha. This is the first time a store has opened in Odisha state, thereby opening up new growth opportunities.

This is an important step forward as Odisha has many tier 2 and 3 cities which happens to be the core business area for V-Mart.

This latest addition takes the total number of stores to 110 in 93 city across 13 states, with a total area of approx 9.02 lakh sq ft.

V Mart has been an important customer of Ginesys who uses the Retail POS system for its day to day operations.



Ginesys Retail ERP now attributed with Centralized Credit Note

credit note retail ERPCredit  note was already available in Ginesys Retail ERP but the option to redeem that credit note at any of the retail store of the Retail chain  was not available  which  was hampering the flexibility, control  and subsequently the customer experience. Ginesys now equipped with  Centralized Credit Note feature which enables the customer to redeem the credit note in any of the retail stores of the retail chain in which it has been issued. This will not only enhance the customer experience but will make the process of  credit note issue/redemption flexible, more centrally controlled , hassle free and less prone to pilferage & errors.

A credit note  is a commercial document issued by a retailer  to the customer in case of  return of an  item/product  to them. The retailer usually issues a credit note for the same or lower amount than the invoice, and then sets it off against a balance due from other transactions done by the customer at the store. There may some other cases as well where credit note is issued, such as in case of an advance against a product, but predominantly it happens in case of items returned.

Use of credit note is advantageous to Retailer in comparison to hard cash or account credit to the customer as

  • It will  help in avoiding  unreasonable  returns
  • It will also ensure  that sales once done won’t  be reversed.
  • It may also pursue  the customer to visit the store again which may result in some extra purchase and eventually results in additional sales.
  • It will also result  in hassle free returns  and thus will help in maintaining healthy relationship with the customer
  • It is easy to manage and has negligible loop holes

All in all  a  win win  situation for Retailer and customer.

POS security – the absolute essential for modern retail


Worried about dynamic Taxation rules? Not any more, with Ginesys!

Dynamic Tax CalculationEver-changing government policies and taxation rules are common in the Indian Retail scenario.

Normally, these policies affect all the transactions in a financial year. A robust Retail ERP should be able to handle such exceptions for the transactions at the point-of-sale level.

Ginesys Retail ERP now has built the option of easy tax re-calculation for already settled dates at the store, even if the Government applies a taxation policy applicable from a previous date.

Such significant enhancement not only save the precious time of employees but also prevents the risk of manual error. Prior to this enhancement, all such processing was done manually. But now, all tax re-calculations and sync with the HO data will be done automatically.