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Apply Multiple Promotions on Single SKU in POS Billing

promotions1Ginesys software has introduced an enhancement in the resolution logic of memo level promotion in POS.

Now the users can introduce the multi promotions at memo level at point of sale. In the new logic, if the memo level promotion with the highest priority is not resolved, the software would check for the next memo level promotion with immediate lower priority upto n-levels.

Suppose there are 2 memo Level Promotions running currently, from priority high to low (P1 to P2). For example, P1 is buy Rs.3000 and above from Assortment A and get 50% discount and P2 is buy Rs.2000 and above from Assortment B and get 10% discount.

Now since promotion P1 has higher priority, the bill (Say Rs. 2,500/-) would be checked first, but the bill value is less than the minimum amount defined in the promo so it will not be resolved. Then P2, which is in lower priority, would now be analyzed for application, since the bill value exceeds the minimum amount defined in the promo, it would be applied.

This way the users aren’t restricted to apply the highest priority promotion only and can  benefit their customers as well by providing n- memo level promotions in POS.

HO control over Price editing at POS

untitledSometimes for certain products price editing is allowed at POS. Ginesys retail software has introduced a tolerance range for such products.

Now a tolerance range (in amount or percent) can be specified by the HO. This tolerance range will restrict cashiers from selling the product at a below margin price or charging customers an unreasonable price.

Thus, this will allow HO to have control over price editing being done at the POS.


Ginesys Idea Portal- Myriad ideas converging

Idea 1 Ginesys has launched a new platform called Ginesys Idea Portal,, which is an interactive way to come and share new ideas. Any new innovation is a result of an idea generation, and this portal will act as a professional network, weaving together strings of valuable concepts. The portal will allow you to share your valued ideas, suggestions and required improvements about retail ERP with our product team directly. It presents to you, new ideas and recommendations of features that will improve your business operations. Discussion and commenting on any shared post, following any activity or getting updated on an idea will make sure the interaction is both knowledgeable and fun. Ginesys Idea Portal aims at providing a transparent roadmap.  And with this new engagement, we hope to be able to come up with even better pos solutions and retail software.

GINESYS Flying High in the EIGMEF 2010, @ Kolkata

From the right, Mr. Lohia (CEO, GSL) and the GSL Team

The leading Eastern India Garment Manufacturer and Exporter Federation (EIGMEF) was back again with their ‘Wind of Change’ in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The event organizer held the fair at Melan Mela Campus and Halls near Science City to make it bigger to an international pedestal, for the participants and the visiting retailers. The EIGMEF Fair hailed successfully for three consecutive days, 28th, 29th and 30th of this June as a meeting place of all big brands under one single roof. GINESYS stood bold and strong as one of the Indian based retail solution providers for a single-store retailer to multiple chain-stores retailers.

The EIGMEF Fair, 2010 saw more than hundred brands in the eastern zone and opened a tremendous scope of branding and promotions with whole new and variety of ranges of products in display for their retail customers. With a World Class Trade Show  GINESYS participated in the fair gained its popularity even better than before.

The GINESYS stall was taken care under Mr. Indranil Chakraborty and Mr. Sanjoy Sarkhel and team conducting power-point presentations and live demos on GINESYS software to the guests attending the stall.  To this great arrangement Mr. Prashant Lohia, the CEO of Ginni Systems Ltd. admiringly said, “This is the first time that EIGMEF organized fair of this scale. Earlier they organized in hotel, but this time it’s an open fair. This opens up the scope very much with better presence and footfalls. What we found this time is that many of our existing prestigious customers like Manyavar, Geeta Fashions Pvt. Ltd, Swathe Garments, V-Mart, Solace, Success, ETeenz, Krishna have participated in this fair.”   This is naturally a boosting experience for sharing the same platform with the big clients for the entire GINESYS team. They also had some major clients visiting their stall who not only uplifted their status but significantly raised the bars of the EIGMEF Fair too. They were K.C.Das, Budget Bazaar, S.K.C, Jayram Leynka, Trendy World and others.

The footfalls at the GINESYS stall was remarkably notifying this year as it successfully move ahead in all respects . On this note Mr. Lohia signs off being very excited and hopeful about the future of GINESYS stating, “We see lot of potential for GINESYS going further, as almost everybody who participated in the fair is a potential customer to us. Be it a manufacturer, or a distributor or retailer. We found retailers taking a lot of interests about GINESYS. Many of the visitors already knew about GINESYS. Many of them took our details and keenly watched the software demo. In future, I see an echo system being built up for GINESYS, where GINESYS playing an important role in establishing a linkup between manufacturers and retailers, as GINESYS provides solutions for all of them.”

Please catch this moment captured on :

GINESYS Success Story at the 18th Guwahati Garments Fair, 2010

GSL Team @ Guwahati Garments fair, 2010

The 18th Guwahati Garments Fair held by N.E.G.T.A (North Eastern Garment Traders Association) once again saw GINESYS receiving huge applause for its variety of products fulfilling the different requirements of customers arising from various sectors of India’s Retail Industry. 

The fair held at Hotel Prag Continental on M.I. Road at Gawahati, on 19th and 20th of June had repeated and elaborate sessions displaying and demonstrating GINESYS products from 10 am in the morning till 8 pm at night.   Under the able guidance of Mr. Sanjoy Sarkhel the GSL team shared their ten years knowledge of retail domain expertise to the guests, solving their queries instantly and upgrading aspiring customers on using the latest solutions depending on their business. The complete GINESYS Retail Supply Chain Solutions right from serving Manufacturing needs, Wholesale and Distribution, to Retail and Point Of Sale were looked after by the expertise team rendering effective solutions to everyone who attended the GINESYS stall. 

Our esteem clientele list which attended the fair included Turtle, Success, Krishna Marketing, Stori, Mufti, Hoffmen, Tabard, Swathe; they altogether boosted up the team’s confidence level all the more to deliver better services with technology going hand-in-hand.  Thanking our prestigious clients from the bottom of our hearts for their unrelenting enthusiasm and cooperation, we promise to take on GINESYS to a sky high success in the future days to come.