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Replenishment Planning

planningIn retail system, for optimizing business performance is to drive supply chain in alignment to the business strategy. The basic component for a high-performing supply chain is robust planning.

Retail Replenishment planning is predicting future requirements to balance supply and demand which involves multiple communication between warehouse, Head office and all the stores. This supply of stock depends on multiple factors like priority of store, zonal preference, seasonal trends, past trends, etc. Handling all the factors and evaluating the supply of stock requires a robust replenishment engine.

Ginesys ERP software replenishment planning module has it all! The convenient supply chain planning and a powerful replenishment engine. Ginesys users can plan their stock supply with utmost ease catering to all factors. It provides a single point control (the head office) to set all the unambiguous planning processes for all its stores and warehouse.

Flexible and automated Ginesys replenishment planning module gives its users from a dynamic dispatch system to a complete parameterized system which takes into account the article-category, store plan and the latest sale trends and handle the dispatches during the beginning and end of a season and seasonal changes. Its flexibility is justified by applying any algorithm to its replenishment model and by dynamic stock routing.

Thus, Ginesys retail ERP solution helps you drive your business operations with complete ease, transparency and efficiency which will take it to a next level!

Ginesys introduces Cash Discount Feature

Cash Dicount4Cash discount is a common feature in retail industry across channels, and Ginesys is happy to announce that such a feature has been added to its already glittering portfolio of wonderful product and services. Previously this feature wasn’t incorporated in our system, but seeing it as a very important tool of robust retail environment, it can’t be kept away for too long. The system features a tool which automatically checks which partner has made the payment in the agreed number of days and gives back the discount, given other terms are well in place.

What is Cash Discount- Cash discount refers to a certain percentage of the entire invoice amount which is waived off when the payment is made within certain days, as agreed, so as to encourage business growth and building mutual trade relations.

It serves as a win-win situation for both the buyers and sellers. The seller has instant cash redemption and the discount given compensates for the losses in revenue if the payment is delayed by the buyer. On the other hand, the buyer gets a decent amount of discount, which keeps low inventory cost and builds goodwill between partners.

 Some of the benefits of Cash Discount:-

  • Cash Flow
  • Decreased Inventory Costs
  • Customer Reward and Retention

Ginesys Retail ERP now attributed with Centralized Credit Note

credit note retail ERPCredit  note was already available in Ginesys Retail ERP but the option to redeem that credit note at any of the retail store of the Retail chain  was not available  which  was hampering the flexibility, control  and subsequently the customer experience. Ginesys now equipped with  Centralized Credit Note feature which enables the customer to redeem the credit note in any of the retail stores of the retail chain in which it has been issued. This will not only enhance the customer experience but will make the process of  credit note issue/redemption flexible, more centrally controlled , hassle free and less prone to pilferage & errors.

A credit note  is a commercial document issued by a retailer  to the customer in case of  return of an  item/product  to them. The retailer usually issues a credit note for the same or lower amount than the invoice, and then sets it off against a balance due from other transactions done by the customer at the store. There may some other cases as well where credit note is issued, such as in case of an advance against a product, but predominantly it happens in case of items returned.

Use of credit note is advantageous to Retailer in comparison to hard cash or account credit to the customer as

  • It will  help in avoiding  unreasonable  returns
  • It will also ensure  that sales once done won’t  be reversed.
  • It may also pursue  the customer to visit the store again which may result in some extra purchase and eventually results in additional sales.
  • It will also result  in hassle free returns  and thus will help in maintaining healthy relationship with the customer
  • It is easy to manage and has negligible loop holes

All in all  a  win win  situation for Retailer and customer.

Importance of Distribution channel in retail

distribution_img1The wholesale distribution industry is transitioning to a more data-driven mindset, but there are widely different views on what that means. Many distributors say they don’t have the right analytic tools, technologies and talent needed to stay competitive in quickly shifting markets.

In the highly competitive retail sales businesses, getting the right goods, to the right stores, at the right time, and in the right amount is critical to the profitability of each store location and the Chain. Retailers, in order to be successful in this competitive market, should work towards maintaining an unhindered merchandise on the sales flow as one of the important functions of a distribution channel is to optimize your sales volume.

As a result, more traditional ERP systems have integrated analytics into their systems; more third-party analytics tools are also available, including CRM, business intelligence and data visualization tools.

Sales and Distribution (S&D) is the most flexible module in Ginesys and this is really needed as retail today needs to engage with multiple channels. Ginesys distribution model helps retailer to have multi-site multi-options which includes integration with internal/external POS system. It helps to track pipeline stock across supply chain including allocated and in-transit stocks. It benefits retailer in tracking for shortage / excess and transfer reconciliation.

For full details on Ginesys Distribution please click on the link below.

V Mart 100 not out.

V MARTV mart a leading fashion store in India has reached century of stores in the Financial Year 2015. The 100th store opening not only marks substantial growth in this market, but moreover it represents the continued enthusiasm and hard work team V mart  has put in.

V mart primarily operates in tier II & tier III cities and they operate in 86 cities and 12 states.

V mart has been a cherished customer of Ginesys who uses it end-to-end viz. from procurement to production to sales to analytics.