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Ginesys Ensures Easy Automated Transfer of Master Data to Stores


Quite often in retail operations, pivotal data (also called as master data) has to be updated at stores. Data management is a very critical function in retail business and any error might result in negative ramifications. It has to be made sure data information is preserved, transferred in safe and smooth way.

It becomes even more important that efficient data flow is incorporated in a Retail ERP. Ginesys retail software communicates with the POS to ensure that master data flows automatically to stores which have been grouped. Store groups can be created as master allocation groups. Master data will be synced to groups or to all stores without any manual intervention.Item Master, Promotions, Price Info and Policy Management are thus managed in a way that operations are reliable and trustworthy.

Control from HO- Since data management is controlled from head office, it has total control over it flow and security.

Inter-Store Stock Transfer- Balancing inventory between stores


It’s often the case in retailing that merchandise is required at one store, but a different location has it. It can be a tricky situation because customers who want instant gratification may not wait and end up buying the same product from a competitor. Depending on its value and availability, it might be worth the effort to transfer the stock from a different store, thereby avoiding any sales loss. While such scenarios may not have a huge impact, in the event of peak season sale, unavailability of stocks could result in considerable amount of sale loss.

Store Transfer

Ginesys POS software is equipped with store-to-store transfer feature, which allows instant stock transfer from one store to another, avoiding sales loss and boosting revenue. The same is reflected in accounts as well.

Some of the benefits of store to store transfer are:

  • Sales- Even if the stock is unavailable at one store, sales isnt lost.
  • Customer Satisfaction- With avoiding situations of out of stock inventory level, customers don’t return   empty handed.

Retail Management – An Effective Business Enhancement Tool

Online-MBA-in-Retail-managementA day in retail is dominated by incredible number of transactions both internally and externally with suppliers and customers. And the key to success lies in the efficient management of these transactions.And thus an intelligent retailer would pick the right store management software and not just a simple billing solution.

Lets dig a bit deeper…

In the Indian Retail Environment, we usually interact with 2 business modes.The first kind of retailers are doing business with a standalone POS system and the other kind are using a generic ERP along with a separate POS. And hence both parties lack control over the daily POS activities.After a close monitoring of the situation Ginesys has developed one solution which is synced and gives the retailer peace of mind and allows him space to expand his business empire.

A few highlights of Retail Management Software:

  • Reduces the amount of paperwork involved
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Supports all formats of retail including COCO, FOFO, SISand MBO.
  • Reduces turnaround time in processing orders
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces data input time
  • Eliminates costly overstocking or stock outs
  • Reduces storage space needed for stocking materials

Ginesys retail management software can be an asset to your entire retail business. For more details on features of Retail Management please click on the link below:

Discount Exception is more effective with Ginesys

Discount exception at POS

If it were possible most retail companies would not allow manual discount (non-scheduled promotions) at the store by the cashier. But practically speaking there are always situations in which discounts need to be given on certain items or on the bill at the point of sales / point of purchase.

Ginesys already had a feature that we can control manual discounting to certain users upto a certain percentage. Now we have a new possibility of excluding certain categories of goods from discount. This will help restricting low-margin goods to not go out on low price.

With this feature store management and retail management becomes much more controlled and point of sales does not become a point of loss.

Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Allocate Site-wise / Store-wise budgets with Ginesys

Budget Analytics in Retail

Businesses always indulge in a yearly or half-yearly planning exercise when budgets are allocated to various stores based on multitude of factors. Earlier we would just get the final picture of sales turnover / expenses booked. Now it is possible to enter the planned expenditure and other baseline estimates in the software just as in any other retail ERP.

One great thing about this feature is it would allow you to track budget vs actual expenditure. If a store has not yet spent its allocation and half a year is over then it is unlikely that its sales turnover will be exceeded. You can use this information to push managers to use the promotion and purchasing budgets at their disposal. Similarly if  someone has spent too much, their sales turnover target can be proportionately increased

Note: This feature is specifically for V11