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Multi-channel retailing: Manage stock and sales for non-Ginesys locations

omni5Ginesys POS was a good solution for company-owned or franchisee owned shops indicated above. Yet there are many situations where it is not possible to install a point of sale software even though it is your own stock. For example in a shop-in-shop inside a store being run by a different retailer. Additionaly for online sales also new business models developed like having your own e-commerce website or selling through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues. We are now providing solutions for these situations as well:

1.       Unmanaged Owned (COCO) store: Such companies have a great deal of problem in managing different outlets of different brands as each brand outlet is using different ERP software. Now with this feature, you can create a new Organization Site or that store which will help you keep the track of your stock and sales. Sales can be uploaded in Excel.

2.       Marketplace (fulfilled by marketplace): In such e-sales channel, the marketplace handles the order and dispatch of your product. Here, you can create an unmanaged customer site to handle such outlets from where you can import all the sales and stock information required.

3.       Marketplace (fulfilled by seller):  In this, you handle the order and dispatch of your product like it is done in your own e-commerce site. Order processing to dispatch/invoicing needs to be done in E-commerce Aggregator’s website. So the excel sheet created by it can be imported by Ginesys to help you retrieve the information.

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That is not all! We have added new sales & distribution reports and fine-tuned existing reports to check out information from the above sales channel. This will help in a big way to enablement of multi-channel or omni-channel retailing.


Inter-Store Stock Transfer- Balancing inventory between stores


It’s often the case in retailing that merchandise is required at one store, but a different location has it. It can be a tricky situation because customers who want instant gratification may not wait and end up buying the same product from a competitor. Depending on its value and availability, it might be worth the effort to transfer the stock from a different store, thereby avoiding any sales loss. While such scenarios may not have a huge impact, in the event of peak season sale, unavailability of stocks could result in considerable amount of sale loss.

Store Transfer

Ginesys POS software is equipped with store-to-store transfer feature, which allows instant stock transfer from one store to another, avoiding sales loss and boosting revenue. The same is reflected in accounts as well.

Some of the benefits of store to store transfer are:

  • Sales- Even if the stock is unavailable at one store, sales isnt lost.
  • Customer Satisfaction- With avoiding situations of out of stock inventory level, customers don’t return   empty handed.

See your stock pictorially!

It has been a proven fact that identifying and remembering a thing is a lot easier pictorially as compared to any other way of identification. If a software can give you the status of the stock with a picture, there is no better way which can be helpful to a retailer, manufacturer or a distributor.

This feature is advantageous to anyone involved in the retail supply chain as:

  • Items are more easier to identify at any point in the Retail Supply Chain which eliminates the chances of theft/pilferage.
  • Even if a code or identification number is missed out, it becomes easier for anybody to re-identify the item.
  • The picture of the items can be printed on the bill, and hence there is no ambiguity at the time of Return / Exchange, especially in case of jewellery products.

Ginesys has come up with this option both at the POS level as well as at the backend level such as inventory. So use this feature in the software to make your operations swifter, easier and user friendly!

Quick Stock look-up helps you retain Sales Opportunities

What if some item has reached zero level at your store?

Would you say no to the customer or would you rather let him know where else it is available?

Now with Ginesys, you can easily look up items across your chain not only at HO but from any POS.

This network search works on last-synchronized data available at the head-office. You can apply different criteria by selecting various attributes.



Replenishment tool reduces supply gaps

Never sold out due to auto-replenishmentGetting the right product at the right place at the right time is the major goal in running any retail chain. Through forecasting retailers try to get the product mix right at their stores through seasons. But once a product starts to sell at a steady rate it is an unnecessary headache to organize refills. This is the problem that we have solved through replenishment or more accurately auto-replenishment, which is now possible with Ginesys.
Once you have decided your minimum stock level and reorder quantity for the core stock items at critical locations, the system shall automatically raise a requisition for the stock from the warehouse whenever in-store stock plus inbound stock is below the minimum
Ginesys takes this a step further: if the stock is falling low at the warehouse too then a required purchase orders report can be generated as well. This takes into consideration in-hand as well as in-transit (inbound – outbound) as well as requisitioned stock. On the basis of this accurate purchase orders can be raised.
This concept is the similar to open-to-buy found in other systems. So go ahead and think of the right product the other things will be taken care of.