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Auto-email payment advice in Ginesys

email2Now when you create a new payment advice in Ginesys you can automatically send a listed vendor email id an email with the advice and the invoices cleared in that payment with all details. It will make your life easier by having to deal with fewer enquiries asking when they will get a certain payment and seeking explanations of payment made.

These kind of features in the retail ERP  help suppliers as well as merchants in the retail eco-system

Importance of Distribution channel in retail

distribution_img1The wholesale distribution industry is transitioning to a more data-driven mindset, but there are widely different views on what that means. Many distributors say they don’t have the right analytic tools, technologies and talent needed to stay competitive in quickly shifting markets.

In the highly competitive retail sales businesses, getting the right goods, to the right stores, at the right time, and in the right amount is critical to the profitability of each store location and the Chain. Retailers, in order to be successful in this competitive market, should work towards maintaining an unhindered merchandise on the sales flow as one of the important functions of a distribution channel is to optimize your sales volume.

As a result, more traditional ERP systems have integrated analytics into their systems; more third-party analytics tools are also available, including CRM, business intelligence and data visualization tools.

Sales and Distribution (S&D) is the most flexible module in Ginesys and this is really needed as retail today needs to engage with multiple channels. Ginesys distribution model helps retailer to have multi-site multi-options which includes integration with internal/external POS system. It helps to track pipeline stock across supply chain including allocated and in-transit stocks. It benefits retailer in tracking for shortage / excess and transfer reconciliation.

For full details on Ginesys Distribution please click on the link below.

Split items in a bill to make it apparent

Ever felt like bill could become more understandable.Billing or Invoicing in the case of fabrics is always a bit tricky!

For example the same fabric is purchased by a customer in 2 cut pieces, suppose one in 2 meters and one in 1 meter. It is possible to split one item into multiple lines on the bill making it clearer as to what was purchased to the shopper. You can also select different sales persons for the same item on different lines increasing sales flexibility.

Earlier it was always merged into a single line. This option still remains and might be useful in situations where it is not useful to show separate lines of quantity but a single line of total quantity.


Note: This feature is specifically for V11

Charge VAT Separately on Promo Items using Ginesys

A trend has begun recently, that retailers putting items on promotion at X% discount and adding back the VAT . This leads to complexity in billing of adding the tax separately on an item which was earlier on a tax inclusive basis.

In Ginesys now we have incorporated this aspect and we can mark during creation of promotion whether billing is to happen on a tax inclusive or on a exclusive basis.This will lead to the correct calculation.

MRP 500
VAT 5%
Discount: 30%
Price after disc: 350
Price to be paid: 350+ 17.5 = 367.5

This will work under all types of promotions like Flat Discount, Flat Price etc. Using this feature retailers can better protect their bottom-line even when putting up items on discount.


Lolipop rocking : Opens its 100th store

100 is always considered as a very special milestone whether it is in the form of century to a cricketer or marking of an Platinum jubilee of any event.

Lolipop India, the specialized kids apparel retail chain, has opened its 100th store . It is all about children at Lolipop. It is an awesome achievement for the retail chain, which launched the first store just an year ago.

On this occasion, Team Ginesys congratulates them and wishes manifold success in coming future. We feel very proud in being associated with them.

All the best!!