Tolerance can now be defined in Purchase Order


There are situations when the user receives excess quantity from the supplier. As the goods have already been invoiced, it will be necessary to amend PO to receive as variation. Ginesys retail software has introduced an enhancement in the process, wherein a tolerance limit can be added in the PO for different items.

For instance, if a PO is created with item T1 and T2 with quantity 100 each and a tolerance limit is set as 10% and 5% respectively. While creating GRC against order, user will be allowed to receive 110 units of item T1 and 105 units of item T2. If quantity is reflected beyond these limits, user will be restricted.

Hence, the Ginesys retail ERP users will be restricted to receive item quantity beyond tolerance quantity than defined in the PO.

Admin | March 30th, 2017
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