Steps to set up an attractive Retail Store

The art of setting up the perfect retail store


Setting up a retail store is an exciting proposition for businesses, be it your first store or your hundredth store. At the same time, it is important for retailers to ensure that they have done everything from their end to ensure that the Retail store manages to look appealing to the consumers, without which success cannot be achieved. Putting a plan into action is much more overwhelming than dreaming about a business. It is important for retailers to consider factors that can have an impact on the marketability and long-term profitability. Through this blog, we intend to provide a sort of guideline that can be followed to ensure that your new retail store manages to shine.



 This is one the key factors that the Retailer needs to consider. Having your Retail store in the right location can provide you with a sustainable advantage since your competition cannot steal or copy your unique spot. The main hurdle lies in deciding what location is ideal. Footfall should be one of the main considerations for every retailer. Hence it is easier choosing a location that’s prominent and easily accessible.

 But if the Retail store is more niche or unique then it would make sense to place it in an enclosed space like a mall for example. It’s worth researching the location’s footfall and demographics before choosing a place to set up one’s store.


Target Market

It is important for retailers to understand that the ideal location goes hand in hand with their desired target market. Once the target market is defined, it becomes the main focus when choosing a city, state or locality for the retail store. This is applicable especially for those retailers that are operating a niche shop, where the size and traits of the local marketplace play a key role.


Competitive Factors

 The ideal scenario retail scenario is setting up a distinct business that offers sizeable marketplace goods and services that are offered nowhere else. But in reality, the market is extremely competitive and this, in turn, has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the retail start-up. In general, starting one’s business in a market with no competition is ideal, but this might be due to barriers to entry, low market demand and failed attempt by other retailers. It is important for retailers to conduct a thorough SWOT analysis to fully understand one’s strengths and weaknesses combined with future opportunities and threats to give the retailers a competitive position.



There are two ways of starting a retail business. Retailers can either build from scratch or invest in a franchise. Both cases require capital to start and this can be met either through savings or through investments from investors. It is important to note that in order to raise money, one must have a solid and realistic business plan first.


Legal and Regulatory Environment 

Finally, it is important for Retailers to understand the legal and regulatory facts that have an impact on the industry. Some industries are heavily regulated, while others have minimal government regulations. Hence it is important that retailers have a good understanding of every regulation before they set up the store to avoid future problems. This may seem like a lot to take in, but it’s in the retailer’s interest to follow these rules and regulations as they can not only levy hefty fines but it can also have an impact on the business's reputation.

Sidharth | January 18th, 2018
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