CRM Integrated POS Solution

Benefits of having a CRM-Enabled POS System for your business


Point of Sale systems have revolutionized the Retail Industry and business can no longer go back to tradition POS terminals. Technological advancements at the point of sale in recent years have made it easier for Retailers to run a business. 

Today’s Retail POS system can handle activities ranging from processing credit cards using mobile devices to transmitting sales data to other software’s used by the business. An in-built CRM is also standard for Retail POS systems, automating a ton of functions for the retailers such as

Customer Information:

Collecting customer data used to be a time-consuming process but this no longer seems to be the case for a POS system with an inbuilt CRM functionality makes the process of collecting and storing information a lot easier. CRM-enabled POS systems can collect and automatically export the data at the time of the transaction. This helps save both time and money for the retailers. 

Increase in the sale by improving the customer experience:

Paying attention to what the customer wants and needs is the best way to increase sales. CRM-friendly POS systems make this a reality since they are able to collect and keep a track on the customer preferences and buying history. The data collected can play an important role in target marketing campaigns and also allows retailers to cater offerings to individuals and groups of customers to improve the customer experience.

Identifying Loyal Customers:

It also allows retailers to identify their most loyal customers, enabling retailers to focus more on those customers. CRM integrated POS software’s are capable of identifying the three groups of customers: those that have the greatest impact at the point of sale, those that are likely to return and those that the retailers can afford to give less attention to. This has a huge impact on most of the customer loyalty strategies that the retailer decides to incorporate will be based on this information. 


One of the key roles of a CRM integrated POS system is its ability to organize and synchronize the transactions, customer information and other sales information in real time across the various departments. This information can always be updated and can be easily accessed.

Automated Backend Process: 

CRM integrated POS systems not only automate tasks at the point of sale but they also automate the tasks at the backend as well. These tasks include activities like reporting, exporting data, creating client records and populating email marketing lists directly from the POS system. This eliminates the need to manually enter these details in the various programmes and solutions and hence saves time.

Sidharth | May 3rd, 2018
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