Supermarket billing software

Essae Weighing Scale Integrated successfully with Ginesys POS


In a supermarket billing software, there are two ways for weighing the products and populating in POS. Firstly, printing barcode from weighing scale machine and then scanning it in POS and the other is by integrating the weighing scale directly to the POS software. This is a useful feature for fruits vegetables, meats billing section where many items need to be weighed in a dedicated fashion.

To speed up your weight items billing, Ginesys retail ERP have successfully integrated Essae Weighing Scale (DS- 515) with the POS. In the point of sales, Ginesys users have to simply click on the weighing scale button and the weight on the machine will directly get populated in the quantity field of POS software.

So Click Here for detailed process and update your Ginesys retail POS now!

Jayavi bhandari | October 7th, 2017
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