Financial Express article acknowledges Manyavar for thinking beyond the box


Indian consumer market is continually changing, wherein emerging opportunity areas continues to provide impetus and give a marketing boost. Religion, an age-old opportunity area, still holds an integral part in the consumers’ life. Of late, marketers have realized that there is lot of unexplored opportunities in the area of religion. Till date, brands and retailers have utilized only one side of the religion aspect i.e. the celebration side but have ignored the other introspective meditative side of it, thereby leaving a huge scope of opportunities to be unearthed.

Religion continues to be the DNA of in the life of an Indian. It throws a lot of business opportunities to consumer brands that can benefit a lot by understanding the importance of it. India is land of diverse culture and religions; yet marketers have not capitalized on it. They have overlooked the majority of the minor communities, which is going to be more than 20% of Indian Population in the coming years. Festive seasons are a big way to increase sales by ushering in marketing efforts that can lure consumers.

The Wedding wheel is an area, which has lot of potential opportunities. Manyavar, leading men’s ethnic wear brand has been successful in identifying this niche and positioning themselves successfully. With more than 300+ stores in its portfolio, Manyavar has been expanding its ecosystem ever since.

Manyavar has been a cherished customer of Ginesys, who uses it end-to-end viz. from procurement to production to sales to analytics. Ginesys is a leading provider of enterprise applications for the retail value chain, encompassing procurement to sales. Manyavar finds mentioned in the Financial Express article on 04 march,2014. Ginesys wishes Manyavar the very best for its future endeavours.

You can read the full article at the link mentioned below.

Jayavi bhandari | March 13th, 2014
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