Integration of Manufacturing with its Supply chain and Planning.

Flexible Buying in Retail ERP: A Key to Success


There are broadly two ways a Retailer can grow

By Increasing Sales and eventually Bottom line

By decreasing costs to improve margins

Wherein the former focuses on front-end customer operations and the later on back-end operations viz. supply chain.

Effective Optimized Purchasing is the need of the hour. Recently, a study by Barclays has emphasized on the importance to consider factors that creates value for retail customers which in turn reflects in the supply chain strategy. The study emphasized on the importance of price, quality and timeliness to customers. It also talked about achieving cost efficiencies in the supply chain by building quality and long-term relationships with suppliers.

This in turn, make Retailer ponder upon two key questions:

Whether to manufacture locally or purchase.

If the decision is to purchase, then whether to purchase locally or centrally. A robust Retail ERP must have the flexibility which will enable the Retailer to integrate the Supply Chain with the Manufacturing. Retail ERP should also be able to provide flexibility to purchase and manage its merchandise locally or centrally. Ginesys Retail ERP provides this flexibility to the Retailer so that one can practice whichever way is suitable. With Ginesys, a Retailer can integrate its Manufacturing with its Supply chain and Planning.

You can read the full study at the link below:

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Raman sharma | May 28th, 2014
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