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Ginesys Annual Business Meet 2014


Ginesys held its Annual Business Meet at Heritage Resort in Manesar. Prashant Lohia, CEO of Ginesys, led the event which comprised of multiple brainstorming and fun sessions.

It has been as ever, abundance of intellectual discussions, with some 14 sessions on everything from the past and future developments, strategic initiatives. Highlights were sessions on Analytics, Loyalty Management, Replenishment and Webworks.

This two-day power-packed agenda welcomed suggestions and future plans of every department to make Ginesys a more Customer Centric Organization. Everyone was delighted with the arrangements and overall it was a great learning experience.

Wishing Ginesys the very best in its future endeavours.

For pics you can follow the link below:

Jayavi bhandari | April 21st, 2014
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