Ginesys replenishment tool

Ginesys Replenishment Tool– Keep Supply Levels Where They Should be!!!


High Degree of Accuracy has become a necessity if we contemplate about replenishment owing to the fact of shrinking margins and demanding customer. On one hand retailer need to keep up inventory at a level which should satisfy the demand of each every customers and on other it should be kept at a minimal level as there is a cost associated with keeping each and every item kept in it . These two factors will affect sales and expenditure respectively.

Hence it is necessary to have such a replenishment tool in your Retail ERP that can have access to Real-time data and ability to process it and take action .This is required to ensure a minimum inventory level to fulfill demand at any given point of time.

Ginesys Retail ERP now armored with a reliable and robust Replenishment tool which will solve the dilemma mentioned above. It takes care of two things

1. Ensure the flow of real time and flawless data into the replenishment systems including sales, in hand inventory etc and its processing to get desired information according to the model feed in to the system.

2. Ensure the trigger of action plan , in case of any discrepancy at right time, according to replenishment model followed, along with the monitoring of its progress.

Key features of Ginesys Replenishment tool are:

- Assortment Planning by defining Min and Max quantity for different Assortments in different Sites.

- User defined Microsoft Excel based Business Models can be used to compute replenishment quantity.

- Automated requirement computation as per user-defined business logic based on Ginesys as well as custom data sources.

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Raman sharma | December 1st, 2015
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