The ideal POS system

A Guide to Finding the Right Point of Sale Systems for Growth


One of the main goals that every retailer wants to accomplish is growth. Retailers of all businesses and sizes have the desire to grow, and when it comes to expanding operations, Point of Sale solutions do much of the heavy lifting. That being said, not all POS are created equally. There are key features that help some POS systems like Ginesys aid retailers on their path to grow and expand. One such feature is the ability for the POS system to integrate with the retailer’s ERP system.

The first thing that we look at are Open-platform POS systems that are extremely beneficial and advantageous to retailers. This allows for easy integration where the POS systems enable data exchange automatically and this includes accounting, inventory, eCommerce. This eliminates the need to retailers to re-enter data, saving both time and energy that can be spent elsewhere. Having an integrated POS and ERP system at the core of retail IT, the store systems can integrate easily with third party solutions. 

The addition of POS terminals or onboarding new users is also something that retailers need to take into account. It is important to incorporate a scalable solution, since this would ensure that the POS solution is able to handle the retailers needs when it decides to expand. 

When retailers are considering to invest in new technology, the first thing that they are required to focus on is that the software in question meets their daily requirements and is also feature rich to exceed their demands tomorrow. It is critical for Retailers to consider Scalable POS systems like Ginesys that enable retailers to build a unified, powerful retail management system that helps position them for growth and competitiveness in this fast-changing retail environment. 


Sidharth | April 27th, 2018
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