return exchange any store

Items can now be returned or exchanged against bill of any participating store


Ginesys constantly attempts at assisting retail businesses in scaling up their business. Customer experience is one crucial factor that helps any retail business flourish. Ginesys has recently released a new update that would help our customers improve the shopping experience for their customers.

When a customer wishes to initiate a return/exchange, Ginesys users can process the same with the bill reference number. The list of items purchased, the promotion applied on the item in question, the salesperson who conducted the sale, and the incentives he earned because of the sale are generated with the bill reference number. So, customers can return an item and exchange it for other item(s) which costs as much as the net amount of the product returned after applying product promotion. Also, the incentive amount for the salesperson is reverted.

Now, a return/exchange can be initiated at any participating store of the retail value chain. The eligibility of participating store where a return/exchange could be initiated are centrally controlled at the Ginesys HO.

Earlier, returns/exchanges could be initiated only at the same store POS where the product was bought.

With this update, the return/exchange process becomes smoother for the customer, which caters to a good shopping experience. This, in turn, helps Ginesys customers increase the loyalty amongst their customers and, consequently, scale up the business.

Raman sharma | May 10th, 2019
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