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Inter-Store Stock Transfer- Balancing inventory between stores

Inter-Store Stock Transfer- Balancing inventory between stores
February 16, 2021

It’s often the case in retailing that merchandise is required at one store, but a different location has it. It can be a tricky situation because customers who want instant gratification may not wait and end up buying the same product from a competitor. Depending on its value and availability, it might be worth the effort to transfer the stock from a different store, thereby avoiding any sales loss. While such scenarios may not have a huge impact, in the event of peak season sale, unavailability of stocks could result in considerable amount of sale loss.

Ginesys POS software is equipped with store-to-store transfer feature, which allows instant stock transfer from one store to another, avoiding sales loss and boosting revenue. The same is reflected in accounts as well.

Some of the benefits of store to store transfer are:

Sales- Even if the stock is unavailable at one store, sales isn't lost.

Customer Satisfaction- With avoiding situations of out of stock inventory level, customers don’t return empty handed.