return memo reports

Reports to keep tabs on exceptional return memos released


In an attempt at providing highly detailed information to Ginesys users, two new reports have been introduced in the Ginesys Web Report - Retail Sale - Retail Bill Return module. Both reports are generated if an exception against bill occurs when a return is initiated.

The first report is for exception cases wherein the return bill value exceeds the original bill value. Details of the exception and the original invoice are displayed for cases that fulfil the above-mentioned scenario.

The second report is for exception cases in which a return is initiated against a void bill. Details of the original invoice that satisfy the above-mentioned conditions are displayed in the report.

Both reports can be filtered and retrieved based on ‘Date From’ and ‘Date To’ parameters, to get records for the ‘Return Bill Date’ field.

Earlier, reports for either of these exception scenarios were not available.

With these new reports, Ginesys users can now identify and minimize chances of malpractice when a return is initiated.

Raman sharma | May 24th, 2019
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