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The Sales and Distribution Transactions move to Ginesys Web


The future of Retail business is on the Internet or the World Wide Web! This futuristic vision of Retail Industry has propelled Ginesys to migrate all its Ginesys Desktop modules to Ginesys Web. Release of Version 11.151.6 of Ginesys finalizes the migration of main Sales and Distribution transactions to its Web. 

The Packing, Transfer and Invoicing operations can now be managed from any Web browser provided the logged in user has necessary app operation rights and privileges.

In version 11.151.6, you will find the following forms -

1. Packing

    a) Delivery Adhoc

    b) Delivery Against Order

    c) Delivery Against Reservation

2. Transfer  

    a) Transfer Out

    b) Transfer In

3. Invoicing

   a) Sales Invoice

   b) Sales Return

User friendly interface and a future proof functionality awaits you on new Ginesys Web - Sales and Distribution Operations.

Aparajita basu roy | January 24th, 2020
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