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What more can a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) do?


A mobile POS system, as the name suggests, acts as a typical POS counter that completes customers' transactions using a mobile device such as a tablet, a smartphone, and the like. Over the years, trends in the retail industry have changed, the competition among retailers has constantly increased, and customer experience has become the key brand differentiator.

By implementing an mPOS solution at a brick-and-mortar outlet, retailers are able to speed up the customer checkout process, thus enhancing the shopping experience for them and increasing their loyalty towards the brand. In this article, we are about to share more benefits that a retail business can gain with the help of an mPOS.

How do employees benefit from using an mPOS?

Having long queues of customers waiting to get their purchase billed is a common sight at any retail outlet. Not only do these queues take up a lot of space but the long wait time also agitates customers and, at times, even make them abandon their products before reaching the POS station. Such a situation could put a strain on the employees.

With an mPOS solution, congestion and delay in transaction caused due to long queues are easily eliminated. As a result, customers neither feel irritated nor do they leave their items mid-way. This eases up the pressure on employees, making it easier to engage with customers. Additionally, the mPOS solution is integrated with the inventory management system, empowering employees to access product information and stock availability quickly and effortlessly.

How do customers benefit from using an mPOS?

The most obvious benefit of using an mPOS solution is customers can easily skip the queue and speed up the checkout process.

A challenge that customers face in a retail environment is when they have to speak with several employees in order to make a single inquiry or get a resolution for their grievances. For instance, customers interact with one staff member on the floor while choosing items to purchase and with the cashier at the checkout counter. In case of a return or exchange, they interact with an employee at the inquiry desk, head to the cashier counter before finally getting the process initiated by an employee at the return/exchange section.

In a retail outlet when an mPOS solution is deployed, employees can walk up to customers and interact with them. So, in the case of queries, assistance, or grievances, customers do not need to interact with multiple employees - a single employee can handle all these instances. This makes the entire customer journey frictionless within the premises.

Additionally, customers are offered a personalized shopping experience by employees carrying the mobile POS device, with recommendations based on their choice of products and attempts at building a relationship with them.

How does the business benefit from using an mPOS?

With the advent of mPOS solutions, retailers do not need to stick to selling products only in a brick-and-mortar retail format. They can now explore other formats such as pop-up outlets, public markets, home delivery options, and much more. This helps retailers to interact with new audiences, increase brand awareness, acquire new customers and ring up sales to accelerate profits.

Other than that, replacing traditional POS counters with mPOS solutions helps retailers free up real estate space otherwise occupied by the POS hardware systems, innumerable chords, and long customer queues at the point-of-purchase. Retailers can use this freed up space to their advantage for scaling up the business. For instance, they could introduce or display a new category of items, utilize the space for marketing campaigns, and the like.

Retail organizations can even use mPOS solutions to collect customer information such as email IDs, birthdates, and much more. This helps in strategizing for customer experience personalization, engaging with customers across online and offline platforms, and even making transactions paperless (by emailing transaction receipts).

Ginesys’ mPOS solution - Zwing - is one of the up and coming mPOS solutions that leading retail organizations all across India are increasingly adopting. We believe retailers that wish to scale up their business must think about ditching traditional POS counters for good and start investing in a good mPOS solution.

Raman sharma | May 1st, 2019
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