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Why New Year is considered the Best time to implement ERP System?


A good ERP system is the backbone of retail business. Everything could be flawless, but a lack of efficient ERP system will peg the organization down. So it’s very important to have the best ERP in practice. But why is New Year considered the best time in retail business to implement new ERP system? Read below to know better:

With the advent of a new financial year, employees and resources engage better to implement a project which is quite pivotal.

At the start of the financial year, it’s much easier to predict and plan to invest in a technology. This is because trying to cramp in extra expense in already freezed budget mid season isn’t viable.

A fresh financial year is a time to rethink strategy, sales target and growth trajectory. Workers are more flexible to changes now and less defiant to any alteration.

New transactions are easy on accounting since the previous year’s books are settled and closed. Mid way into a year, it’s difficult to implement a new ERP system because people are already facing the brunt of targets and deadlines. It’s a major overhaul and requires the staff and resources to spend time getting accustomed to new system.

In general it’s always a tough ask to pitch in a major change when the organization is already chock a block with several issues and operations.

Raman sharma | January 25th, 2016
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