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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

AI-based Customer 360 analytics

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Customer data is a mammoth data store but it is fragmented across social, ecommerce, offline, self-expressed, support and advertising platforms. Ubiquity brings together all data into a single platform for easy analysis and reporting and uses AI to make recommendations.

Touchpoints Data

Data from all touchpoints at your fingertips

Ubiquity tracks customer and prospect touchpoints from the website visits, from in-store visits, social commerce and social media. Even customer care or support interactions and feedback and chats and data from advertising platforms can be incorporated into this data set.

Omnichannel Insights

Derive valuable omnichannel insights

Get channel-specific insights and journeys and also muti-channel recency, frequency analysis. Ideal platform to build a complete picture of your customers and prospects that covers both online and offline channels.

Customers Behaviour

Automatically create cohorts and understand their behaviour

The customer data platform generates cohorts based on groups of customers and helps you understand their buying behaviour and social interactions and purchase intent.


Use interaction data to drive campaigns

Analyze your sales performance across period, geographies and categories to define the right campaign, identify cross, up-sell and seasonal offers.

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