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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Go beyond loyalty to
engage them with rewards


Retensee is a customer loyalty program to run and manage a points or discount based brand loyalty program in your stores or online. It is omnichannel ready, and is scalable with multiple tiering, various multiplier rules and the ability to control benefit redemptions. It works out of the box with the rest of the Ginesys One suite and Casa CRM suite.


Loyalty in Omniretail

Loyalty that works anywhere in omniretail

Retensee helps you reward customers for purchases online , offline or in-person and allow redemption in your stores or online on your web-store. Make your brand stand out with a true omnichannel loyalty program.

Manage Tiers

Automatically manage tiers

Move customers automatically up and down the levels based on various preset rules to ensure active customers stay front and center of your marketing funnel. Ensure activity leads to rewards that could be personalized.


Track customer feedback

Don’t leave customers out in the cold. Ensure that customers who love you can tell you and those who don’t can tell you at the store or online through instant feedback as well as simple surveys.

Referral Program

Spread the word with a referral program

Create a powerful referral program to build strong customer relationships and create advocacy among loyal customers. Active customers who refer are rewarded with offers and bonus points and the new consumers are rewarded as well through inbuilt referral tracking codes.

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