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Lead Funnel Management

Lead Funnel Management

Create leads from all channels

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Intelliclose allows salespeople to create leads whenever consumers walk into a store and request for products that they don’t end up buying or for products that are immediately available. Similarly leads can be created by chat agents or on other social media platforms.


Follow through on hot prospects to win new business

Intelliclose is a lead management CRM that allows salespeople and call center staff to capture new leads whenever they walk into the store or visit online. Intelliclose allows your sales team to create, manage and track individual customers in a sales funnel and provides salespeople visibility into the current status of the customer's sales readiness and finally closing the deal by meeting the specific requirement of the customer.

AI-based lead scoring

Prioritize better with AI-based lead scoring

With an intelligent AI-based systems that automatically assigns a lead score and keeps updating it based on activities, it becomes really easy to prioritize the leads and follow up on the consumers most likely to purchase immediately.

Automated Personalization

Combine it with effortless automated personalization

The CRM integrates with a really powerful communication system that can send personalized messages on email, WhatsApp or SMS to drive customers to the right channel to purchase the final product. It becomes easy to drive sales this way. Help sales agents win business even when the customers are not in-store.

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