Delivery Slip

No more mismatched deliveries at POS with Ginesys

Nov 28, 2019

The festive rush is on. Business is booming. Your sales and delivery people can barely keep up. Handling customer rush at the delivery point is often a pain, due to mixed up or lost deliveries. Tagging customers will ensure correct billing and… read more

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retail ERP customer satisfaction

Leverage retail ERP software to improve customer satisfaction

Sep 02, 2019

There are no two ways about it that retail businesses exist because of their customers. Customers run the show in the retail sector - an organization can give others a run for their money with a strong and loyal customer base.… read more

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retail business performance

Measuring performance of your retail business

Jul 04, 2019

In today’s marketplace, it is necessary that retailers go beyond just selling products or services. Studies show that over 72% of today’s consumers prefer spending on experiences than new products. Thus, it is necessary that… read more

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time to change POS

How To Know It is Time To Change Your Point Of Sales Solution

Mar 14, 2019

The Point Of Sale (POS) is one of the most crucial elements in the retail business. It is used to manage and complete all transactions in the retail environment. POS exhibits various… read more

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customer retention retail

Using a Retail Management System Software to Retain Customers

Dec 27, 2018

Regardless of the industry, customer retention is the key to the growth of any business. We all know that customer retention costs five times lesser than new customer acquisition. Additionally, the probability of converting an existing customer… read more

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Point of sales system

Using Point Of Sale System to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Dec 04, 2018

Without customers, there is no company.
~Michael Leboeuf

Customers are the sole reason for the growth of any business in the retail industry. Today, customers have a wide range of options to… read more

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