Pos software & revenue oppurtunities

How to improve revenue opportunities with your POS system

Jun 04, 2018

POS Software plays a very important role in today’s Retail Industry and running any store without one… read more

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How to take Retail Personalisation to the next level

Mar 19, 2018

Brick and Mortar Retailers often tend to dismiss customer personalization as a strategy reserved for e-commerce businesses. But the key to success as an offline retailer… read more

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Importance of Point-of-Sale Data

How Point-of-Sale Data can help reduce inventory and improve vendor performance

Mar 09, 2018

Many Retailers are now seeing the merits of providing more POS information to their vendor community in an effort to help better manage proper inventory levels and… read more

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Retail Analytics

Degree of Sensitivity towards Retail Analytics can make a difference!

Nov 18, 2014

Recently a study has been published which highlights the importance of Retail Analytics in today’s retail scenario. It emphasizes that analytics plays a pivotal role in the decision making and differentiate between an opportunity won and… read more

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Retail Analytics

Data Analytics: An indispensable tool in Apparel Industry

May 15, 2014

Data is a natural resource in modern retail. Data Analytics is all about analyzing the voluminous data in real time, which helps in enhancing management decisions. Apparel Industry is dynamic where success of next season’s collection hinges on… read more

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