multiple invoices

Goods from multiple invoices are now allowed in a single Purchase Return Debit Note

Jul 01, 2019

Earlier, due to GST rules, a single debit/credit note could have only a single invoice number. Because of this, Ginesys users could not initiate a single Purchase Return Debit Note against multiple more

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TDS Reversal

TDS reversal introduced

Jul 01, 2019

In case an additional TDS amount gets deducted, Ginesys users need to initiate a reversal. Earlier, the reversal had to be done manually using Debit or Credit journal. This process not only involved additional effort, but also… read more

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purchase service debit note

Purchase Service Debit Note introduced

Jun 28, 2019

In our attempt to make the accounting tasks easier, we have added an option for Purchase Service Debit Note. In case of a poor service provided by the vendor or the like, vendors could provide a credit note, which got recorded… read more

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Credit Note-Debit Note

GST Purchase Return Debit Note and Sales Return Credit Note - has been introduced

Dec 29, 2017

Post GST, both brands and retailers had a problem when taking a sales return or making a purchase return as it attracts GST if we treat it as supply. In the benefit of brands and retailers using Ginesys retail ERP, we have enhanced the debit note… read more

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