Ginesys retail ERP

Item remarks can now be captured in GRC and printed in barcode!

Sep 24, 2018

It is essential for the retailers to capture the item remarks in GRC and get it printed in more

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Item image at Ginesys POS software

Now the image of an item can be seen in POS as per Policy

Jun 13, 2018

Ginesys retail POS software has a new enhancement at the front office billing screen. Now at the time of billing, the cashier can refer to the scanned item’s image. It is an important update to cater to different scenarios like when there is no… read more

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POS promotions

BUY/GET Promotion is now available with Memo Level Promotion

May 23, 2017

Now Ginesys users can define new promotional offers at memo level in the Ginesys billing software. Two new promotion benefits have been added in memo level promotion.

For instance, a promotion says if a customer makes a purchase between… read more

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