Set Items

Modifying Set Items in Goods Receive documents made easy in Ginesys

Feb 17, 2020

You are held up during receiving goods as you work only with set items and have received a new set item for which you need to modify the item master. You are in a hurry! Don't worry, you are not going to face the trouble any more! Ginesys, as… read more

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Replenishment woes

Why does the replenishment process fail?

Aug 17, 2019

Isn’t it a poor experience when your favourite store runs out of stock of your favourite product? That is exactly how all customers feel when their most-trusted retail chain has no stock of their desired product. Leaving a… read more

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multiple data general journal/voucher

General Journal/Voucher Import Excel now supports multiple dates

Aug 02, 2019

While importing data of general voucher/journal in CSV/Excel format, Ginesys users earlier had to manually create separate sheets for each date. In order to make the data upload process seamless, Ginesys now allows users to… read more

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generic or retail-specific

Retail-specific ERP or generic ERP, which is better?

Jun 21, 2019

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution is an integral aspect for most of the businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in. It is used to centrally manage all business functions with a common database… read more

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ERP implementation failure

Why could your retail ERP implementation fail?

Jun 20, 2019

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a suite of integrated software and hardware products that assists a business in managing and monitoring all its processes. A retail environment comprises of a wide range of… read more

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Digital trends in retail

Digital trends in the retail industry

May 31, 2019

Undoubtedly, technology has taken the world by storm - all aspects of our lives now involve technology in one form or the other. The retail industry is not exception. All retail business functions are managed with the help of… read more

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Omnichannel challenges

Common challenges faced while adopting the omnichannel format

May 24, 2019

Customer experience has gradually become the key brand differentiator, especially in the retail industry. Ensuring that customers have a great shopping experience needs to be the topmost priority for retailers before making any… read more

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MOP denomination

Denominations of voucher MOP can now be captured in source documents and reflected in reports

May 16, 2019

In an effort to keep enhancing the customer experience, Ginesys has released a new update in the Web Reports module.

When vouchers are redeemed, denominations of the MOP are now… read more

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sales transfer order reference number

Sales Order and Transfer Order document number can now be referenced in Delivery Challan report

May 15, 2019

A new update has been released in the Ginesys Web Reports of the Delivery Challan module.

Now, the complete information of a particular Sales or Transfer order document number can… read more

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ERP as catalyst for retail growth

What makes ERP a catalyst for the growth of a retail business?

Apr 25, 2019

In the initial days, retail business owners and their employees used to manually record data on paper. As the size and complexity of businesses increased, people began to realize that human intervention led to inaccurate data, high turnaround… read more

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