Audit Trail

Audit Trail has been introduced to track all user entries in Ginesys

Jun 18, 2020

An apparent anomaly in the financial records is suddenly noticed by your audit team? But how did it happen? Who had access to those records? When… read more

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Bin Capacity

WMS: Capacity and Assortment tagging has been introduced for Bins

Nov 20, 2019

Once an inventory management system is up and running, the bins need to be handled wisely. The inventory managers should load them as per capacity and follow a certain logic for putting in or taking away items from it. 

But the reality is… read more

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retail ERP customer satisfaction

Leverage retail ERP software to improve customer satisfaction

Sep 02, 2019

There are no two ways about it that retail businesses exist because of their customers. Customers run the show in the retail sector - an organization can give others a run for their money with a strong and loyal customer base.… read more

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LR partial receive

LR partial receive is now allowed from LR Workbench

Aug 02, 2019

Ginesys has introduced a new feature that allows Ginesys users to accept partial Gate Entry from the LR Workbench window itself, by tagging the count of bales in the LR within the same window. Before the introduction of this… read more

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multiple data general journal/voucher

General Journal/Voucher Import Excel now supports multiple dates

Aug 02, 2019

While importing data of general voucher/journal in CSV/Excel format, Ginesys users earlier had to manually create separate sheets for each date. In order to make the data upload process seamless, Ginesys now allows users to… read more

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Kerala flood cess

Kerala Flood Cess Introduction

Jul 31, 2019

To stay up-to-date with all retail industry trends and government’s rules and regulations, Ginesys keeps introducing new features and make alterations in the existing ones. Kerala government has recently introduced calamity cess… read more

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ERP implementation failure

Why could your retail ERP implementation fail?

Jun 20, 2019

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a suite of integrated software and hardware products that assists a business in managing and monitoring all its processes. A retail environment comprises of a wide range of… read more

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return memo reports

Reports to keep tabs on exceptional return memos released

May 24, 2019

In an attempt at providing highly detailed information to Ginesys users, two new reports have been introduced in the Ginesys Web Report - Retail Sale - Retail Bill Return module. Both reports are generated if an exception… read more

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Time to change to ERP

It is time to change the legacy systems at your organization

Apr 28, 2019

With the advent of technology, the scenario of operating a business has been ever-evolving. A few years ago, retail business owners had started investing in technological solutions to manage various business functions, such as inventory,… read more

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Advantages of Retail ERP Software

What is Retail ERP software? What are its Advantages in Retail Business

Apr 12, 2019

What is Retail ERP software?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution is a suite of integrated applications that is used to manage all operations of a business. In the retail industry, a retail ERP solution helps… read more

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