Retail Report

New Installation kit for Ginesys Reports version 2019.2.16 has been released along with several reports being enhanced

Sep 18, 2020

A new vastly enhanced installation kit for GinesysReportKit_2019.2.16_Compatible GINESYS 11.153.0 has been released in Ginesys Version 11.153.0.

The new features released with this report… read more

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Ginesys Web Reports

More major Reports have been shifted or newly created in Ginesys Web

Aug 31, 2020

Bringing the best and the latest to its customers, Ginesys has released many of its already popular reports in the Report module in Ginesys Web. Some of these reports in the module released by Ginesys are new reports too. Using meaningful data to… read more

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android icon

New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations has been enabled in Ginesys

Nov 11, 2019

It's rush hour at the warehouse! The pickers are waiting with their completed lists at the scanner to create their packets for distribution! But there are only a few scanners for the large number of pickers with their huge pick-lists! Counter-… read more

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scheduled reports saved in folder

Scheduled reports can be saved in a particular folder

Sep 26, 2019

Ginesys now allows its users to save scheduled reports, which are sent using the scheduler of Web Reports in a folder. Earlier, when this option was not available, users would have to export each report individually. This feature update helps… read more

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cess recalculation

Additional Cess (Kerala Flood Cess) impact has been added to the tax recalculation process

Sep 02, 2019

Complying with GST regulations for the state of Kerala, a new module was added a few weeks back in Ginesys POS to define and calculate Kerala Flood Cess… read more

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Ginesys Data Services Outbound for integration

Ginesys Data Services (Outbound) has been introduced for any type of integration activity with Ginesys and one or more other applications

Aug 02, 2019

Ginesys has recently released a new update that expands the scope of integration with several third-party applications. Ginesys’ Transaction and Master data can now be fed into third-party applications in JSON file format using… read more

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LR partial receive

LR partial receive is now allowed from LR Workbench

Aug 02, 2019

Ginesys has introduced a new feature that allows Ginesys users to accept partial Gate Entry from the LR Workbench window itself, by tagging the count of bales in the LR within the same window. Before the introduction of this… read more

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multiple data general journal/voucher

General Journal/Voucher Import Excel now supports multiple dates

Aug 02, 2019

While importing data of general voucher/journal in CSV/Excel format, Ginesys users earlier had to manually create separate sheets for each date. In order to make the data upload process seamless, Ginesys now allows users to… read more

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rupee round off

Service Invoices generated from Service Liability Workbench can now be rounded off to nearest 1 Rupee

Jul 08, 2019

To make it easier to raise service invoices from the Service Liability Workbench, Ginesys has introduced a new feature. This new update allows Ginesys users to round off each invoice amount to the nearest one rupee automatically… read more

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edit sales return quantity

Quantity editing for Sales Return transactions from Unmanaged Stores made easy

Jul 05, 2019

While initiating Sales Returns, Ginesys users had to modify quantity in a separate Add/Remove Items window. This process has been made easier for items that have been already populated. Users can modify quantities in the same… read more

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