Eway Bill in Ginesys retail ERP

Ginesys Adds E-way bill feature with Associated Reports

Apr 02, 2018

Ginesys keeps the date with Eway bill. In a timely move for its loyal customers, Ginesys has added the feature for… read more

Local Purchasing

The Ups and Downs of Local Purchasing

Oct 06, 2018

Local purchasing can be very beneficial for one’s business, especially when customers are seeking goods and products that are sourced from… read more

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HO Control at POS

HO control over Price editing at POS

Dec 28, 2016

Sometimes for certain products price editing is allowed at POS. Ginesys retail software has introduced a tolerance range for such products. Now a tolerance range (in amount or percent) can be specified by the HO. This tolerance range will… read more

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Salesperson incentive

Sales Incentive is now a Hassle Free Process

Mar 26, 2014

In-store salesperson productivity is imperative to the success of any retailer.Sales Incentive calculations are very intricate and to manage such complex calculations is a tedious task. It is becomes very difficult for retailers to maintain… read more

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