New Ginesys Reports for better and more informed decisions for Ginesys HO Report users

May 06, 2020

Ginesys always has its finger on the pulse of the users' need. We understand that you need - meaningful data to draw pertinent inferences, making informed decisions. Ginesys has thus released a large number of useful reports related to its… read more

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Inventory enhancements 11.151.25

Multiple new forms of Inventory module migrated to Ginesys Web

Apr 21, 2020

Ginesys has always provided its customers with state-of-the-art modules that tackle business scenarios with flair. Migrating the existing modules of Ginesys to the web has also been a part of that plan. With the latest update… read more

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user defined field mapping

UDFs (User Defined Field) mapped with item master, are now added for Serial Item class also

Aug 16, 2019

In the Import Excel functions, Ginesys users can now add about 20 user-defined fields that are necessary for their business. These UDFs can be mapped with the item master data as per the column names in the excel document.… read more

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column added

Column for Standard Rate has been added in Serial Item class

Aug 16, 2019

Ginesys has added a new column for Standard Rate in the Serial Item class for Import Excel function. There are many Ginesys customers that offer high-end products in their stores. For these retailers, it is necessary that they… read more

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import excel

Item modification through Import excel from transaction module has now been made optional

Aug 16, 2019

Ginesys team has introduced a new feature in the Import Excel function of the transaction module. A new option for ‘Update Master’ has been added to the column mapping section. This allows Ginesys users to choose whether they… read more

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inventory management software

Inventory management software to enhance the retail business

May 20, 2019

Over the past decade, technology has advanced exceptionally. Every business function in the retail industry that was being managed manually has a technological counterpart available in the market today. In spite of that, many… read more

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Inventory management with technology

Enhancing inventory management with technology

May 10, 2019

Inventory is one of the most important components of any retail business. Inventory holds the entire stock of marketable goods of the organization. The complexity of managing all products in an inventory is overwhelming. A… read more

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time to change POS

How To Know It is Time To Change Your Point Of Sales Solution

Mar 14, 2019

The Point Of Sale (POS) is one of the most crucial elements in the retail business. It is used to manage and complete all transactions in the retail environment. POS exhibits various… read more

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Last Inward Rate Non Inventory Item

Now the Last Inward Rate of Non-Inventory items can be captured and used in reports

Feb 21, 2019

Ginesys has recently released a new update in the Ginesys Web – Inventory module. With this feature enhancement, users are now able to capture and track the last inward rate of non-inventory items such as storage racks, packing material, trial… read more

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Ginesys accounting and Finance ERP

Accounting Year/Inventory Month / Finance Month - have separate Open and Close permission

Jun 13, 2018

Ginesys retail software has introduced user permission flexibility in Accounting and finance module for open and close functionality in Accounting Year, Inventory month & Finance Month. With the help of this enhancement, Ginesys users can be… read more

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