Eway Bill in Ginesys retail ERP

Ginesys Adds E-way bill feature with Associated Reports

Apr 02, 2018

Ginesys keeps the date with Eway bill. In a timely move for its loyal customers, Ginesys has added the feature for… read more

Ginesys POS bill

Reprint bills will be printed as single copy only

Jun 13, 2018

Earlier in Ginesys retail ERP, on reprinting any bill, the system used to reprint the no. of copies specified in the policy. However, reprint is required rarely and the study suggests that reprint is ideally required only for a single copy.… read more

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 Ginesys retail software has introduced interface based configuration to define user defined fields for POS

Interface based UDF Configuration for Multiple Ginesys Modules

Apr 04, 2017

Sometimes the retail merchants would like to add custom fields to item creation window or POS bill or Gift voucher issue, etc. with the suitable layout. For such requirements, Ginesys retail software has introduced interface based configuration… read more

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