Void/ refund bill in Ginesys POS software

Now reason can be provided for voiding Deposit / Refund Bill

Jun 13, 2018

In case of any refund at the retail store, tracking the reason for voiding the deposit or refund bill is important to understand and also to check any sort of theft. For the same reason, Ginesys retail software has made an enhancement wherein… read more

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B2B Billing for NRI in Ginesys ERP

Ginesys enables B2B billing for NRI customers

Jun 13, 2018

GSTIN of Indian customers has a different format as of NRIs i.e. Non-Resident Indian. For such categories like UN bodies, embassies, etc. PAN no. is not available, so as per the GST law, they have UIN (Unique Identification Number).

Now… read more

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Discount apportion in POS bill

Discount apportion concept introduced for Get Items discount value

Feb 17, 2018

A new enhancement has been introduced in Ginesys retail POS software for the Buy-Get promotion POS billing.

When a promotion is applied at the item level, then the discount is applied on the Get item to make them free. For Instance,… read more

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